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  • 1. 1 How To Save Money When Buying Office Supplies
  • 2. 2 ffice management may seem like a boring job but if you think of the challenges that it presents, it is actually pretty exciting. Saving on office supplies for example is a very difficult task because not everybody is on the same page when it comes to using office supplies efficiently. It is the office managers duty to make sure that the employees understand what the office is trying to achieve which is to become productive in the most efficient ways. Follow these tested and proven tips if you want to save money on office supplies: Buy from the right sources If you want the best value for your budget, you should consider more sources other than the obvious ones. Warehouse stores may have discounts but there are often better deals to be found in other sources. You should constantly communicate with dollar stores for instance because they sometimes have the supplies you need. Ration the supplies that are in high demand If you dont limit the distribution of supplies, employees will use them without thinking too much about efficiency. You should limit the amount of office supplies that you give each time so that your employees will value them and they will use them more efficiently. Expensive items and items that easily run out are the types of items where this strategy will be very useful. Limit the purchase of items that are seldom used It is easy to find promotions on things that we do not need but we should avoid buying too much of these supplies because they will be waste of money. If you overbuy these kinds of things, they will only be stocked in a warehouse and it will take a lot of time before they are exhausted. You can only buy wholesale if the item is something that you O
  • 3. 3 really need like bespoke envelopes. Take advantage of promotions on the items you need and avoid temptation on those that you dont need. Deals that will give you the best value for your budget are hard to find especially if you are a beginner in handling office supply costs. Only experience will teach where to find the supplies you need for the best price.