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  1. 1. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back - Tips & Techniques By Ade Adewolu Techniques&id=5105686 You cherished your ex-boyfriend. But now he has walked out on you. It is painful, but such things don't just happen overnight. You probably saw it coming, but felt your position was so strong with him - This could never have happened to you. Now, I advise you to wake up. The next and only reasonable action is how to get your ex- boyfriend back. Here are tips and techniques that if diligently followed, would help in your reconciliation efforts. Meanwhile, it would keep your integrity and self-respect intact. For the sake of those who require more detailed explanation, I have included a link at the end of this article. It would surely give you the best material and support available. The first phase of the action-plan - the tips & techniques - is that you do an audit of the relationship from the beginning. In other words, take a flashback into the 'why's,' 'what's,' and 'how's' of the series of events that led to the collapse of the relationship with your Ex-boyfriend. Take time to work on yourself - In those areas you know he complains about. By improving your personality, you not only make your ex-boyfriend feel respected, but you would feel the added self-worth and an increased value in your relationship. This would go a long way in making for a more fulfilled love life for the two of you. It is important to casually try and re-establish contact with him. In doing this, ensure that during your very first contact, you do not mention anything about your failed relationship. It would seem hard, but focus on the improved values you now have in your improved personality. He may, of course, bring up the issue - you can then freely contribute - focusing on his willingness to move forward in your love life. Whether at the beginning of your reconciliation or anytime afterwards, it is important to be natural. Focus on not repeating those personality mistakes/misdeeds that caused a major breakdown in your relationship. Remember, it is easy to get your ex- boyfriend back after the first breakup. It is often very difficult if you let your love mate slip out a second time. ADE ADEWOLU For more helpful hints, tips and a surprise package, log onto:
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