How to create a killer LinkedIn profile?

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<p> 1. Create LinkedIn Perfect Profile Photo: Use a professional photograph which is cropped to show your face clearly. Headline: It should be catchy and keyword rich. Make your profile stand out. Summary: Write a killer summary. Add pictures, slideshows, and videos to your summary. (Summary would bring out your personality). Write your summary in first person. Include your contact details so people are not in your network can contact. Certifications: Incorporate certifications at the top Contact Info: Add your professional email address and your company or your personal Twitter account. Profile URL: Personalize your Profile URL (Settings &gt; Edit Public Profile &gt; Customize Your Public Profile URL.) LinkedIn Profile URL. And use it -- on business cards, in your email signature, in blogging bios, on your website. It's an easy and memorable way for people to connect with you. Activity/Promotions/Updates: Updated your profile weekly once alteast with relevant and engaging content. If you want to promote company services or product - Any weekdays 3:00 PM works very well. Try to promote through Digital visual content rather than plain text (Ex: Infographics or 2-3 min video). Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than plain text messages. 2. Details: Be precise in your past experiences and current roles. Audience Speak directly to your target audience. Projects/Awards/Recommendations/Groups: Use this as a portfolio and add links so people can find out more. Try to get endorsed for skills relevant to your sector to help improving your LinkedIn search ranking. Aim for 5 10 recommendations You can join upto 50 groups, doing so well improve your visibility. Bonus Tips 1) Most profiles on LinkedIn are just plain text. Build a visual profile and you'll instantly stand out. This LinkedIn feature (called "Professional Portfolio") allows you to share presentations, photos, videos, links, PDFs and more. Ex: 2) Connect LinkedIn with Twitter (Under your LinkedIn profile Settings, you can choose to connect your account with Twitter where you can either display Tweets on your LinkedIn profile, or share LinkedIn posts on Twitter.) 3) Give recommendations and endorsements. And ask for recommendations. 4) Make your profile more visible to public through settings. 5) Start a conversation with a friend, colleague or company. 6) Follow your dream employers. And follow some new "thought leaders" 7) Showcase your latest volunteering experience. 8) Beef up your skills list. 9) Be active in LinkedIn relevant groups by sharing and participating in a professional specific industry or area of interests. 10) Personalize LinkedIn Email Requests - The request is already standardized but its always a good idea to personalize the notes. 11) Finally Say congrats on his/her for new roles and responsibilities. And wish for Birthdays to whom you are matter. 3. Thank you for considering me Avinash Reddy Addi Digital Marketing Analyst E: P: 91-9014858515 </p>