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  1. 1. How to Cook BBQ Chickens
    There are many recipes for cook BBQ chickens. Different recipes are used from different chefs. Normally BBQ chicken is done only using the oven, which is nice for those days you do not feel like going out and having a BBQ. I also like using the oven and the barbecue when preparing BBQ chicken. Following only a few easy simple steps will ensure your chicken gets cooked properly or not.Many people like to precook chicken to prevent food poisoning. If you are serious about food poisoning then you can boil your chicken or precooking chicken in the oven.
    Boiling the chicken: - Boiling is the best and simple way to prepare your chicken, simply boil your chicken for a few minutes, After boiling the chicken the problem is you do get cooked chicken but it is not that tasty.
    Precooking your chicken using the Oven: - In this method just marinade the chicken and precook it in the oven. Once the chicken color turns to a lovely golden brown color place it on the grill. After grilling your chicken you will get the great smoky taste. This method is tastier than the boiling option but still it is not as good as full on barbecue chicken.
    Direct Grilling: - The more challenging option but definitely the tastiest is the direct grilling. The whole chicken gets a lovely barbecue flavor and the outer skin gets caramelized. Use direct heat grilling for small pieces of chicken and indirect heat grilling for big pieces of chicken or whole chickens. Once you know how to BBQ chicken this method will be easier for you.
    To cook the chicken using direct heat method, marinade your chicken with your favorite marinade and favorite spices. Preheat your grill to a medium heat and place the chicken on it. Turn the pieces over every minute. Normally chicken is ready when the color of chicken will change in to brownish color. The chicken pieces will be ready between 10 - 15 minutes it just depending on heat and size of the chicken pieces. But whole chicken will take too much time for cook. In the end of this article hope you liked these simple steps about how to cook BBQ chickens.


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