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Make your Wedding receptions a unforgettable one by hiring talented musicians and performers from wedding live bands. Book them for a livelier, more entertaining and memorable event.


  • 1. How to Choose the Right Wedding Live BandWeddings are important events in ones life. There are many celebrations that can happen, but marriage isa special occasion that cannot be compared to anything. This is why it takes months of preparations fromsimple tokens, invitations up to the place of the reception.It is the time where families, relatives and friends come together to see the bride and groom walkingtogether in the aisle to the altar and take their vows. It is truly a precious time to witness their happymoment.After their bridal ceremony, one important part of the auspicious occasion is the reception. Long ago,bridal parties are only done to give thanks to the people who have attended the celebration. There is thecake ceremony, some traditional rites and foods are served.Today, weddings are more participative. It is livelier, entertaining and guests wont be bored in a singleminute. In Malaysia, Live Band For Wedding are now part of every marriage function. So if you aresingle and planning to get married soon, here are ways how you can choose the right bands for your party:Select the band that matches your audience. In your wedding yes it is your day, but dont neglectwhat your guests are expecting. Make them livelier and cooperative in order to keep them untilthe end of the function. People who dislike what they see would surely walk away after eating.Know if you are really requiring a band or a live performance. A band must not only be able tosing various types of music. They must also be able to steer the crowd. The front person must betalented that he/she can handle the different guests and their requests as well.Check their experience. Before hiring them, check their background. Check how long they areperforming, the type of music they play, or where they had conducted their services. Know if theycater small to large audiences.Determine what types of songs they can play. Check their level of expertise through the songsthey play and sing.Know their backups. It is important to have a guarantee that the band you booked are the one whowill play on your special day. In some cases, you can ask them to give you assurance thatreplacement must be of the same level and not just a newcomer.Talk to the band leader. It is important that you can personally talk to the bandleader to relaysome details and to know him/her in advance.If you are looking for a perfect band for your marriage function, My Live Entertainment can fulfill themall. They are popular Malaysia Wedding Live Bands who are known for their exceptional performancee by hiring talented musicians and performers from