How to avoid fakes when buying art online

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    The growth of the internet has brought greatertransparency to the art market, but alongside theopportunity for forgeries has grown significantly.But fear not! Here at FAM we have put together alist of things you should check before you commit

    to buying a piece online.


    Posters that have been excised andremoved from a catalog raisonne andsold fraudulently as prints will oftennot have margins, whereas the vastmajority of original prints will besigned, numbered and dated in themargins.





    You must always check theprovenance of the work on offeraCertificate of Authenticity (COA)

    should be signed by both the artist or,in the case of an artists death, anacknowledge expert on the artist.

    All good printshops have their ownChop Mark which is often embossedon the bottom left corner- this is the

    printers most valued symbol and withit their credibility is on the line.

    Try and get a close up look at thework you are buyinga good onlineplatform will allow you to zoom intothe image so you can see the detailsup close.

    Big-named and reputablegalleries are so protective over

    their reputation that they wouldonly work with online companies

    they totally trust.

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    In 2013 an estimated 91% of Henry Mooredrawings available on eBay were fakes?

    WARHOL OR WORTHLESS?How to spot fakes when

    buying art online