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<ol><li> 1. Dogs are truly mans best friends because apart from being loyal and affectionate, these animals constantlyshow their gentle nature to the human family. Somebreeds though can be intimidating as they are naturally ferocious and ownership is restricted in some areas. The aggressiveness that is specifically bred into these dogs isfurther developed through training as these ferocious dogs will be utilized as guard and protection dogs. </li><li> 2. After domestication, dogs have become well loved and loyal companions of man for thousands of years. A well mannered dog can easily bare its teeth and show an aggressive temperament as in spite of the long years ofdomestication the ferocious nature remained. More than4 million people in United States get bitten by dogs everyyear. Many of the victims were attacked by their own dogs. It is therefore necessary to learn how approach adog. </li><li> 3. Dog owners, especially the children must know how to approach a dog. Dogs are territorial animals and food motivated as well. A dog will guard its territory, food and toys. Once a threat to its territory is perceived, even afriendly and gentle dog would bare its teeth, growl and getready to attack. People and especially children must not tease the dog by trying to get a toy or take away the food the dog is eating. Even if your intention is to add more food to the bowl, the dog can still bite. </li><li> 4. Children are always attracted to dogs. Kids would alwayswant to hug and cuddle a sleeping pet. A pat would startlea sleeping pet causing it to instinctively bite. It is verynecessary to warn the kids not to startle a sleeping dog. To be safe it is necessary to approach the dog slowly and to make sure that the pet is aware that you are there. </li><li> 5. Because of the close bond, a dog will tolerate familymembers to access its territory but aggression willcertainly be shown to unfamiliar people. Dog lovers find ithard to resist touching an attractive and gentle looking dog. A gentle looking dog though may turn aggressive to the touch of an unfamiliar person . Ask the owner if it isalright to touch the dog. Slowly approach the dog but dont stare directly as it can be misconstrued by the dog as a challenge. Approach slowly and extend a hand withthe palm down or the fingers curled under to be sniffed bythe dog. A friendly dog will sniff the offered hand. </li><li> 6.</li></ol>