how long have you been collecting shells?

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Unit 6. How long have you been collecting shells?. Section A Period 1. . marathon. shell. . . collect shell s. stamp. skate n. a pair of skate s n. He is skating . (v.). He is a skater. kite. What is he doing?. He is flying a kite. stamp. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Section A Period 1

  • shellcollect shellsmarathonstamp

  • skate n.a pair of skates n.He is skating.(v.)He is a skater.

  • What is he doing?He is flying a kite.kite

  • stampcollect stamps

  • raise money for charity

  • Yao Mings sports life

  • Jackie Chan 1954:be born1961~now: actHe has been acting for 47years.How long has Jackie Chan been acting?He has been acting since he was 9 years old. He has been acting since 1961.

  • Miss Li1975: be born2001~2008:teach Chinese

    How long has Miss Li been teaching Chinese?She has been teaching Chinese for 7years.She has been teaching Chinese since 2001.She has been teaching Chinese since 7years ago.

  • Wang Lei1990 : be born 1999~now: learn English How long has Wang Lei been learning English? She has been learning English since1999. She has been learning English for 9years. She has been learning English since she was eight. She has been learning English since 9 years ago.

  • 2 hoursHow long has she been reading ? She has been reading for2 hours.She has been reading since2 hours ago.

  • half an hourHow long has he been playing computer games?He has been playing computer games

    for half an hour.

    since half an hour ago.

  • an hourHow long have they been swimming?They have been swimming

    for an hour.since an hour ago.

  • He has been drawing a picture for 15 minutes.

    Ive been skating since nine oclock

    They have been playing soccer for 45 minutes / since 45 minutes ago.

    She has been reading for 2 hours.

    She has not been reading for 2 hours. Has she been reading for 2 hours?Yes, she has. No, she hasnt.

  • I have been skating for five hours.have / has been + Vinghave / has beenbe,.?

  • 1. :,,,for two hours, since 1998, all this morning, these few daysall the timeExplanation

  • : have / has been () doing, :have / has not been doing,:Have/Has sb. been doing sth.? (): How long have/has sb. been doing sth.?

  • : 1). I have been cleaning the room all this morning. 2). Ive been studying English since I was 4 years old. 4 3). He has been living in the street for about 20 years. 20

  • 4). Have you been talking with him on the phone since 6:00 p.m.? 5). How long has it been raining?

  • 1..2.1981.3..4.Jackie Chan ?1961.9.They have been learning Chinese for five years.He has been living here since 1981.He has been doing homework for two hours.How long has Jackie Chan been acting?

  • 46.46.5.?1954.?1961. since 1961. since he was 9.He has been acting since 46 years ago. for 46 years

    When was he born? He was born in 1949.When did he start acting? He started acting in 1961.

  • started playing table tennisstopped playingplayed table tennis197819972006Deng Yaping played table tennis for 19 years.has been playing basketball20071989started playing basketballYao Ming has been playing basketball for 18 years.How long has Yao Ming been playing basketball? How long did Deng Yaping play table tennis ?

  • forsinceforsincefor + since + ( forsincehow long )for a yearfor four weeksfor ten days

    since last yearsince two weeks agesince he came.

  • forsinceThey have been learning Chinese _____ they came to China.2. I havent seen her _____ a long time.3. He has been living here _____ 2001.4. She has been doing her homework ____ two hours.5. Its 5 years _____ we left school.6. How long has Mary been a teacher? _____ two years ago. sinceforsinceforsinceSince

  • Listening1bIve been skating for five hours.I skated for two hours.

  • Listening 2aQuestionsAnswers__ 1. How long did you skate today? __ 2. How long have you been skating today?__ 3. Was this your first skating marathon?__ 4. Do you skate every day?__ 5. When did you get your first pair of skates?__ 6. How long have you been skating? No, I skated in a marathon last year.b. Yes, I do.c. For six hours.d. Since I was 7 years old.

  • Now, its time for me to relax!Thank you and Goodbye!

  • Section A Period 2 Zhong Hui 2007.5.9

  • SchoolMarathonSkating

  • Im talking to you from the Hilltop School . Here, students are skating to . For every hour they skate, each student raises ten yuan for charity. The skating marathon has been going for five hours now, and several skaters are still skating. Alison was the first one to start, and has been skating for the whole five hours. Next is Sam, and he has been skating for four hours. Lu Ning has been skating for four hours too, and Li Chen just started an hour ago.SkatingMarathonraise money for charity

  • 1. Why are students skating?2. How much does each student raise for every hour they skate?3. How long has the skating marathon been going?4. Who was the first to start?5. How long has he been skating?6. How long have Sam and Lu Ning been skating?7. Who was the last one?8. When did he start? How long has he been skating?Reading Section A 3aTo raise money for charity.Ten yuan.For five hours.Alison was the first to start.He has been skating for five hours.They have been skating for four hours.Li Chen was the last one.He started an hour ago.He has been skating for an hour.

  • Sam4 hoursLu Ning4 hoursLi Chen1 hourCheck the answers: 3a

    NameHas been skating forAlison5 hours

  • Answers to 3bAlisonSamLu NingLi Chen


  • Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks

    Hello, everyone. Im a reporter.Im talking t_____you from the Hilltop School Skating Marathon. Students are skating to r______money for c ______. The skating marathon has been g _______ for five hours now, and s_______ skaters are still skating. Alison was the f_____ one to start.He has been skating for the w_______ five hours. Sam and Lu Ning have been skating f____ four hours. Li Chen just s_________ an hour a ______.oharityaiseoingeveralirstholetartedgoor

  • A: Liu Ying, what sport do you play? B: Tennis. A: When did you start? B: When I was eleven. A: So how long have you been playing? B: Three and a half years. Report:Liu ying likes tennis.She started playing tennis when she was 11 years old.She has been playing tennis for three and a half years.

  • Now you are a reporter,watch a video and give us a report.have a sports meeting the long jump win the firstHuiFang Ann LiuMeifar farther farthest

  • Section B2a,2bstuffed animalstheater andmovie ticketsfor five hourssince Last year223520

    WhatHow longHow manyBobkitessince he was 10 years oldMarciaLiam

  • 1. Our class is organizing a talent show to ______ money for charity.2. I need extra English lessons. Do you _____ a good English teacher?3.My hobby is _________ old coins.4. I didnt finish writing my test because I ___________ time.5. During the winter I ______ my summer clothes in bags under my bed. raiseknowcollectingran out ofstore

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