How do You Spend Your Holidays ?

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How do You Spend Your Holidays ?. to put up a tent to play the guitar to go windsurfing to swim to speak English to milk cows to make jam to make a campfire to go by plane to go by train to go by car to cook on the campfire. to find the way in the forest to go horse-riding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How do You Spend Your Holidays?Listen and Repeatto put up a tentto play the guitarto go windsurfingto swimto speak Englishto milk cowsto make jamto make a campfireto go by planeto go by trainto go by carto cook on the campfire</p> <p>to find the way in the forestto go horse-ridingto make friendsto pick berries and mushroomsto bring in the harvestto feed hens and chickensto do shoppingto see places of interestto take picturesto go fishingto lie in the sunHelp Olga Change her StorywarmtastyfriendlyluckybigTVthe bestcleanthe best holidayAnyas Story</p> <p>Compare Olgas and Anyas StoriesPlaceTimeWeatherThe seaActivitiesOpinion</p> <p>As for me I like ... best of all becauseTo my mind is the best of all becauseI think is the best of all because</p> <p>Fill in the TableIf I go camping, I can</p> <p>If I go to the village, I canIf I go abroad, I can</p> <p>If I go to a big city, I canput up a tent</p> <p>milk cows</p> <p>speak Englishdo shoppingIf I go camping, I canIf I go to the village, I canIf I go abroad, I canIf I go to a big city, I canput up a tentplay the guitarswimmake a campfirecook on the campfirefind the way in the forestpick berries and mushroomstake picturesgo fishing</p> <p>milk cowsswimmake jamgo horse-riding make friendspick up berries and mushroomsbring in the harvestfeed hens and chickens go fishing</p> <p>speak Englishgo windsurfingmake friendsdo shoppingsee places of interest take pictures do shoppingdancesee places of interesttake pictures go by undergroundListen to the dialogue between Rob and Mark. Complete the sentences.Mark isin Italy; in the Crimea;in Spain.The weather iscold; hot;sunny.Rosy issleeping; dancing;learning windsurfing.</p> <p>Rosy is learning windsurfingin the swimming pool; in the river;in the sea.Rosy is wearinga dress; a special swim suit; a jacket.Mark isswimming; playing football; watching a film.</p> <p>My summer HolidaysI went to (the sea, the village, the city). The place was(wonderful, beautiful, amazing).I went (alone, with family, friends)I got by there. (car, plane, bus, train, boat).I stayed at (the hotel, my relatives, friends).I HomeworkEx. C, p. 56P.44, 46 learnProject p. 57.</p>