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  • Complete Field Service Solution



  • So, in a nutshell,

    what is Honeybee?

    Honeybee is an

    advanced software

    system designed for

    simple, everyday

    business use.

    We like to think of it

    as a complete field service

    management solution

    that automatically

    does most of the difficult

    admin work involved in

    managing your field service

    team and your customer

    interactions. Honeybee

    enables your sales force to

    focus on what really

    matters: your customers.

  • Honeybee Overview

    Honeybee is a complete sales management solution.

    Service staff use Honeybee to enhance their

    relationships with their customers and to minimize

    the time wasted on admin.

    Managers log into an online dashboard to keep

    track of what is happening in the field and to get

    reports on the performance of the staff that report

    to them.

    Information captured by the staff on the tablets is

    made available to office staff across all functions.

    Honeybee is the system that keeps it all connected.


  • How does Honeybee drive the bottom line?

    It enables your service staff to go and see the right

    customers at the right time.

    Empowers your staff to drive service levels with accurate

    and timely information.

    Capture information immediately in the field that keeps

    you up to date with market trends.

    Reduces costly data capture errors that result in returns

    and unhappy clients.

    Manage your future sales by monitoring prospecting


    Enables you to create, track and evaluate sservice levels.

    Honeybee is customisable, meaning we can adapt to suit

    your business, enabling you to get the most out of your business process.

  • Some Honeybee features Create customised forms to gather the required


    Full customer interaction history available.

    Offline operation high tolerance to poor connectivity

    means no work interruption.

    Online management console always showing the latest


    Integration with existing ERP and CRM systems.

    Cloud Storage.

    GPS logging (routes, visits etc.).

    Auto Clock Out and End Visit reminders for increased

    accuracy of time and attendance reports.

    See your complete service offering through the electronic

    catalogue feature.

  • Latest Honeybee features!

    Custom Nested FieldsSimplicity and convenience are at the top of our list of priorities and this new feature is a great example of how continue to work towards this. In some cases, a drop-down list in a form can get very long. Therefore, it is sometimes much easier to complete the form if the long list is broken up into several shorter hierarchical lists. The classic example is geographic location. For this drop down there could be hundreds of options. If you break this one selection down into 4 selections e.g. Country > Province > City > Area, the user never sees more than a couple of options in a list! This makes for much simpler completion of these forms. It also provides for filters at grouping levels (e.g. all Gauteng areas). Please contact us for more information on using this new feature.

    AnnouncementsDistributing important or urgent new information to all of your sales representatives simultaneously might not be a tough task but making sure the message is received in time by everyone can become arduous and worrying, especially when representatives are out in the field. Honeybee has added an announcement feature for exactly this reason. The new feature allows management to create pop-up announcements that display on screen immediately, thus making sure that information is received as soon as the application is opened. From managing emergency situations to conveying simple information, this feature creates an efficient and effective line of communication.

  • Management can easily see

    the interactions between the

    service team and the


    Solve customer complaints

    quickly while being armed with

    all the facts.

    Instant access to all the

    necessary info, in the office or

    in the field.

    Detailed customer histories

    so you always are aware of

    what is happening with

    individual customers.

    Own the customerrelationship

  • Never walk in cold again

    Before starting a visit, the consultent can review the history of all

    interactions with the client never walk in cold again!

    Information is available whether there is network coverage or not.

    New info can be added / edited at anytime and then instantly synced.

  • Which customers are

    being seen?

    Are the right customers seen

    with the right frequency?

    Instantly gain access to useful

    reports such as customer

    coverage, and it is always up

    to date.

  • Gather information

    All details on the customer card are available to consultants in the field.

    staff can update fields and ensure that the customer database is


    Surveys, orders, tasks or other information can be gathered in the field.

    All data is captured once, at the source, and available everywhere.

  • Call cycle management

    View service staff calendars

    showing completed tasks

    and overdue tasks.

    Add tasks for staff.

    View the planned call

    schedule as well as details

    on client interactions.

  • Create and fill in yourown forms

    Create your own custom forms

    to gather specific information


    The information is grouped per

    form type and is downloadable

    to easily share with other


  • Everything done by GPS

    Honeybee shows all your clients based on your proximity to


  • Location based reporting

    Everything logged in

    Honeybee is logged with its


    View the geographic spread

    associated with your data on

    richly detailed maps.

  • Use tasks to remind and incentivise

    Staff can add tasks to serve as reminders associated with customers.

    Remembering to follow up at the right time will increase closing rates.

    Managers can create and assign tasks to staff to complete in the field.

  • So easy to use!

    At Field Office we know that service staff should spend more time

    interacting with the customer, and less on tedious administration.

    The simple design of Honeybee makes for an intuitive interface that

    anyone can use efficiently.

  • Honeybee is available as an off the shelf solution.

    Field Office can customize and modify the product

    for any industry or application. Built with the end

    users needs in mind, adaptations to new

    industries are more cost effective than you may think!

    Contact us for more information.

    Or follow us on:

    Get your business buzzing, with Honeybee!



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