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Honda Motor Company Ltd. Mark Nies Grant Miller Zeng , Wangyang (Winnie) Wang, Xin (Merry). Introduction. Honda is a multinational automobile and motorcycle production and sales group Products: generators, farm machinery, power machinery , automobiles, motorcycles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Honda Motor Company Ltd.

Honda Motor Company Ltd.Mark NiesGrant MillerZeng, Wangyang (Winnie)Wang, Xin (Merry) Honda is a multinational automobile and motorcycle production and sales groupProducts: generators, farm machinery, power machinery , automobiles, motorcycles.Founder: Soichiro Honda179,000 employeesMore than 120 production bases in 29 countries around the world.

IntroductionDream & Merchandise

Actively fulfilling a social obligation and exploring the environmental and safe solutions

Corporate Culture1906: Soichiro Honda was born in Japan.1934: "East Sea Precision Machine Company".1946: "Honda Technology Research Institute". 1948: "Honda Technology Research Industry Corporation ".1949: Takeo Fujisawa joined in Honda as managing director.

History1962: Honda began to produce automobiles.1980: Soichiro won the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award.1991: Soichiro Honda died.1991: the sales of subsidiary in U.S. ranked third in American market.At present, Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer and the fifth automobile manufacturer in the world.

History Continued

Worldwide Vehicle Production(2006)Not an easy task for any companyCost efficient plantGlocalizationMaintain qualities of smaller companyStay connectedGreen FactoryAdds Value and LoyaltySix Region Global Structure

Global ExpansionIssuesFailed to understand European CultureR & DOversupply of VehiclesR & DWeak brand image in European culturesIneffective advertising strategies and tacticsLess attentionGlobal Expansion ContinuedStrengthsReputation and Brand recognitionBrand value worth just over $19 Billion in 2008Makes high quality vehicles.Awards and RecognitionEngineering capabilityInvested $5.2 billion on R&D, an increase of 6.5% Economy looking for fuel efficiencyConsumers are preferring small, fuel-efficient cars

SWOT AnalysisVehicles somewhat blandPrices for non-luxury cars are higher than competitorsLack style and performanceEmployee ProductivityMake $.59 Million/employee while Toyota and Mitsubishi make $.73 and $.71 million respectively.

WeaknessesManufacturing different types of vehiclesFull-Sized pickups (Ridgeline)Hybrid electric vehicles(FIT)Supply the demand of the Asian market for automobilesInternationals trade going upDemand in China expected to be 6.3 million by 2010Establish production plantsOpportunitiesRecent world-wide recessionTry to avoid downsizing or eliminating modelsProducing a vehicle for the massesSacrificing affordable for cheapDamage brand name and reputationThreatsOther companies R & DBrand ImageTop 4ToyotaGMVolkswagenFord

Competitor Analysis

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan4th largest automakerFlexible fuel vehiclesHybrid electric vehiclesWell designed R & D teamFord

Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany3rd Largest automakerBoosted qualityNon-stop requirement for new projectsAmerican market has been rising59% over the last 17 yearsVolkswagen

Head quarters in Detroit, Michigan2nd largest automakerStrategically placed markets34 CountriesCustomer Satisfaction and Brand RecognitionTeam workGeneral Motors

Headquartered in Toyota City, JapanLargest Automaker and CompetitorEffective R & DStrong and Aggressive VisionPromotion, Public relations, and Advertising


HistoryWorld War II halted production in U.S.1960-U.S. Congress passed first emissions controls1973-Oil EmbargoFuture TrendsShift from high performance to fuel efficientIncreased technology and computerizationGPSVoice recognition softwareDriver assistance software

Industry AnalysisGlobal IssuesGlobal recession is slowing down growthMany incentives to buyOverall increase in international tradeMemorandum of Understanding with KoreaNAFTAJapan Automotive Framework Agreement

Industry Analysis ContinuedShort termStrengthen the brand Image Pay great attention to Japanese domestic market Focus on the improvement of operational management Expand Production capacityEnhancing safety technology Conform to real world situationRecommendationsFollow a strategy of product excellenceExpand product line to meet different classes demand.Reappraise product strategyFocus on LocalizationExpand Automotive After-marketLateral ExpansionVertical DeepeningLong-Term RecommendationsA main global automakerFulfilling a social obligationHarbors idea of Provides joy to world usersProduct manufacturing & environmental protectionConclusionQuestions?


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