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A collection of articles and tested research on using fresh and organic products for everyday home hair care.


<ul><li><p> Homemade Hair Conditioner</p><p> There are various ways in which a homemade hair conditioner can be made. Usually most people use everyday ingredients which can be found in your cupboards at home. Some may need extra ingredients which are not expensive but can be purchased at health food shops or centres. There are a lot of people using these homemade methods for a variety of reasons 1. The costs of purchasing the correct conditioner for your hair as leading brands do </p><p>seem to increase the price of these products where homemade products can be a third of the price.</p><p>2. The products you make at home can have a very long lasting effect on the finish of your hair from its shine, body and simply the way it looks, the liveliness and not the dull and dry look. </p><p> Created and designed specifically just for you.</p><p> This is important to help you feel better about yourself.</p><p> Fantastic hair = Fantastic you</p><p> There are many products which people have been using for a number of years such as mayonnaise, olive oil, rosemary and even avocado with a touch of honey. This avocado method was used by a Mayan queen who also used the avocado as a face mask. The use of these natural ingredients ensures that you know what is in the products, all fresh ingredients with no added chemicals. The type of food we eat is also important to our hair and your daily diet makes you the person you are today. As they say you are what you eat! and this is shown in your face, body and hair. Eat plenty of fruit, protein products and drink plenty of water to add moisture to your skin and hair follicles. A maintenance plan or an idea is advised to properly maintain your hair for any conditions that you may be faced with on a daily basis. Wind, rain and shine all have an effect on your hair and maintaining the look, cut and covering your hair is vitally important to lock in moisture, colour and freshness. These are all just a few ideas to bear in mind when looking after your hair and there are many books available which can help you with this and also specialists which can give you some helpful guidelines. Why are people using mayonnaise in their homemade hair conditioners? Well, where do we start, I personally did not realise that people were using mayonnaise and smearing avocado on their hair until just recently. The homemade hair conditioner fad is definitely a hit for a lot of people in the hair business but also for people who want to look after their hair at home.</p></li><li><p> From the research which has been carried out and from watching all these people mixing up honey with rosemary and mayonnaise and padding their heads with warm towels or placing on shower caps to hold the gunk of a mess on, only to find that once it has been rinsed off and shampooed your hair is actually really well moisturised and conditioned, surprising! Well, it was also found out that the main ingredient in these products is exactly what your hair needs and that main ingredient is protein. This builds it strength, gives it more body and shine (with a few secret ingredients, all from your cupboard, such as honey and olive oil). Another important factor is the type of food that we eat as this ensures that our hair is at its peak condition. </p><p>1. Plenty of protein in the diet2. Plenty of water3. Some say that coconut milk is also very good for maintaining the shine, </p><p>drinking and also using it within a mixture of conditioner recipes. All of these items can be found in our cupboards at home, so girls, on a Friday evening, nothing to do, check about a few of the recipes online and start making your own beauty products which are definitely cheaper and its a fact that all the ingredients are going to be natural where some of the products on the shelf may slightly differ in their chemical complexities and people do not really want to put this on their hair. Its the all organic girl in this day in age and the freshest products only to ensure the overall natural look and feel. The time is the factor in these homemade productions, and for the fashion conscious it would probably be best to stay in due to the head gear or shower caps which will need to be worn. IMPORTANT: Let people know that you will need the shower room and make the evening yours, watch a film! But its the end result which is unbelievable. Through the absorption and moisturising the hair follicles from the splendid recipes it is definitely noticeable, and how fantastic does anyone feel once they have been pampered for the evening? NOTE: Do not be put off by the mayonnaise and how to apply it or what it looks like just think of the end result. </p></li><li><p>Published article on homemade hair conditioner Over the past few months there has been a sharp increase in people interested or wanting to know more about homemade hair conditioners in their fresh and organic variety. Of which can can be made simply from home using the ingredients which you may have in your own cupboard or fridge. Yes, this means using fresh food products which may have been purchased to eat as a snack and you were really not plannning on using these to make any sort of beauty treatment! Well this is the magic of organic food products, you can transform them into chemical and preservative free hair and skin products which do you the world of good if not better than the leading brands. These ingredients may consist of bananas, olive oil, mayonnaise, honey and essential oils which can be combined into a bowl and used simply straight onto your hair. There is a method which is needed to ensure that all ingredients have been mixed together correctly which can be found on the Homemade Hair Conditioner site with step by step instructions on how to do this. The application to your hair could be a tricky one if the concoction you have made is slightly thin as the right consistency is important. The food products can be mashed together such as the the avocado and banana mask with an added touch of olive oil or even the avocado on its own for the ultimate in face masks. The only concern when using these proucts is that they are used in their fresh state, where these can be kept for a couple of days in the fridge but not really recommended after the second day. Olive oil and eggs add a nice sheen to your hair whilst the protein from some of the products add strength to your hair and help to boost its overall look and liveliness. There are various foods which can be applied to your hair and skin with also beverages such as the calming camomile tea and what about a dark beer? Sounds strange but in the increasing organic world in which we live in today these products are essential, free of chemicals and from sustainable backgrounds. You will definelty enjoy the freshness from using these products and notice the difference once they have been applied. These conditioners are not like the shop purchased leave in after you shampoo types but must be placed on your hair before the shampoo to allow the nutrients, vitamins and nourishment to enter your skin and follicles. Here are a few favourite recipes which have been found online which a lot of people are talking about with its lasting effects and freshness. These are fresh, organic alternatives for people who would like to take their own approach to their hair and </p></li><li><p>skin care. Tropical Conditioner Ingredients:1 peeled and mashed Avocado1 cup Coconut milk Directions:Combine mashed avocado with some coconut milk in a small bowl. Heat in the microwave for approximately 45 seconds. Stir and test the temperature. Then gently massage the mixture into your hair. Once fully covered wrap your hair in a hot towel or cover with shower cap for 15 minutes. This allows the warmth from your head to shhelp the conditioner to work and develop into your hair an scalp. Shampoo &amp; rinse out. Deep conditioner Ingredients 3-4 drops of essential oils of your choice1 teaspoon of olive oil1 eggPreparation Beat the egg and then mix in the rest of the ingredients.Apply to your hair and leave on for 15 to 20 minutesRinse off using a gentle shampoo This hair conditioner helps to moisturize (olive oil) and soften your hair (egg. You can keep it refrigerated in a plastic container with a lid on for 3 days maximum due the fresh eggs used. Shake it well before using it again to ensure that all the mixture is thoroughly combined. Yogurt Hair Mask Beat 1 egg white until foamy then add to 6 tablespoons of plain natural yogurt. Apply to hair in small sections at a time and leave in for 15 minutes. Then simply rinse for shiny, well conditioned hair. I hope you have enjoyed these articles and recipes as these are an ongoing project of mine. There is also a site developed which includes information on how to get more organic recipes and also has connections with Home Beauty Care on Twitter </p></li><li><p>and the Facebook Page Homemade Hair conditioner talking about these recipes and any other related matters for homemade hair conditioners and organic hair and skin care. For more information visit Homemade Hair Conditioner </p></li></ul>