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<ol><li> 1. Home Decor &amp; Bedroom, Office, and Room Decor at The Home Depot Home Decor &amp; Bedroom, Office, and Room Decor?at The Home Depot THE HOME DEPOT HAS THE D?COR YOU WANT Home D?cor at The Home Depot gives you the versatility to enhance your bedroom d?cor, home office d?cor, or whatever room d?cor you'd like to update.There's simply no shortage of great home decorating ideas and updates at the world's largest home improvement store. While shopping in-store, your Home Depot retail associates are ready to help. From modern to antique, from traditional to eclectic, you'll find aisle after aisle of top brands, featured items and hidden treasures sure to bring just the perfect look to your home, condo, apartment or dorm room.Brighten up your view with brilliant options in interior lighting. Showcase your favorite home accents, knickknacks, bric-a-brac and valuable collectibles with top-shelf shelving. Taxes credits are a fantastic way to lower the cost of enhancing the comfort, looks and value within your home while at the same moment reducing your vitality use along with lowering your electricity bills. With summer here, it is a good time to commence planning the home improvements so that hastening to get them done ahead of the end of year isn't needed. Or lay down an beautiful hand-crafted area rug that will really tie the whole room together. </li><li> 2. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry. You can count on our professional home d?cor retail associates to guide you through the array of blinds and window treatments, narrow down your drapery hardware choices. Or browse through an endless trove of ideas and know-how through our online d?cor project guides and blog. Then, when you're ready to kick your project into high gear, you'll find plenty of free workshops to help you install that new ceiling fan, wallpaper the man cave, design the anti dog barking devices perfect small office space and much more.</li></ol>