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Himalayan Dreams offer you the best holiday and cultural trips for small groups, or private journeys, or custom plans for yourself, your family, your student travel group or a trip for your organization. These are the outcomes of our extensive research, careful planning and working experience to give you the combined feelings of a real holiday with nature, culture and adventure. Himalayan Dreams is embarking on a new level of tourism that includes not only the traditional trekking and tours but also cultural and educational exchanges. Our international team is comprised of talented and established guides, educators, artists, mountaineers, yoga teachers, micro-financers, ecologists and business entrepreneurs. The talent and diversity of our travel team will share with you "Be prepared to unleash your dreams!".


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    Himalayan Dreams is a dynamic and creative agency with over 10years of experience, specializes in offering treks & tours of variouslength and grade throughout the full range of environments withthe aim to offer new ideas and itineraries to serve the differinginterests of the Himalayan adventure seekers from all over theworld. We are the right people to assist you, whether it is luxurioustrip you are looking for and ancient heritage cultural tours we arethere to cater your needs.

    Himalayan Dreams is the perfect solution for travel managementfor you and your team. Online or person to person, our professionalteam will ensure that your requirements are met. Himalayan Dreamsis linked with professionals from all over the world to meet, sharechallenges, innovate and collect the tools they need to stay on theleading edge of their profession.

    Himalayan Dreams is embarking on a new level of tourism thatincludes not only the traditional trekking and tours but also culturaland educational exchanges. Our international team is comprisedof talented and established guides, educators, artists, mountaineers,yoga teachers, micro-financers, ecologists and businessentrepreneurs. The talent and diversity of our travel team will sharewith you experiences that will be more than good memories. Thispresent moment in time is ripe with possibilities for any directionyou are inspired by and Nepal, with her strategic location belowTibet and above India as well as her ancient cultural traditions, isready for your interaction and exploration. "Be prepared to unleashyour dreams !"

    We have excellent co-operation and understanding with our nationaland international partner agencies, group leaders, tour operatorsand tour guides. We invite all travel-trade coalitions from aroundthe world to work together for building better bridges ofunderstanding.

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  • Past Achievement:We have successfully organized and guided tours and treks for approximately 3,800 clients from around the world.

    Our Staff:Our well-trained staff is enthusiastic in assisting our clients of all ages and physical abilities to have the experience in travel they are looking for. Ourguides and trip leaders are multi-lingual, come from a wide variety of social and educational background and are experts in wildlife conservation. Ourmountaineers, Sherpas, Sirdars and guides are experienced and experts in the safety requirements on the high levels of the mountains.

    Safety Standards:Our equipment is up-to-date and our guides have access to latest weather information available.

    Unique Style:We are much more than a typical travel/trekking company. Himalayan Dreams takes a holistic approach to travel and is dedicated to expandingecological and cultural awareness. In addition, Himalayan Dreams returns a small portion of each tour package to Nepalese orphanages and self-sustaining safe houses.

    Customized programs:Though we offer tours to the well - known trekking areas and historic pilgrimage sites, we specialize in fulfilling our clients' personal detailed itineraryrequests, considering the local seasonal climatic conditions. At Himalayan Dreams, we customize our tours and treks to meet the personal needs ofour clients. Whether a single client or a large corporate group, Himalayan Dreams gives specialized attention to each client's or group's needs.

    Operating Standards:We operate under a number of self-imposed guidelines to ensure that each itinerary has a positive impact on the local culture, environment andeconomy. We work to ensure not only the safety of our clients, but also to create a positive long term relationship among our staff, the people andnatural environment of Nepal.

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    Swoyambhunath, Kathmandu

  • Our Pledge to Individual ToursAt Himalayan Dreams we are directly involved with our field personnel or office staff to create a tour specifically designed for theindividual's needs. Whether it be a spiritual tour, climbing Mount Everest, or a slow trek around Annapurna, the needs and desiresof each of our clients are always foremost in our planning.

    Himalayan HospitalityAs you are guided through the many levels and varied experiences of Himalayan life, you will create new, and for many, lastingfriendships.Whether in a small village high up in the mountains or in the bustling cities of the region, Himalayan Dreams' friendly and professionalguides will introduce you to the warmth and generosity of the peoples at "The Top of the World.

    Prepare to Relax in Comfort and Safety:Whether on a cultural tour, trekking into the wilderness or scaling towering mountains we at Himalayan Dreams work hard to assureyou of the finest accommodations, comfortable surroundings, excellent food , the latest in climbing gear, and of course your personalsafety in any environment in the region. Whatever your choice of tours or treks your comfort and safety are our top priority.

    Interact With Indigenous Peoples:Because we are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements for travel, we also wish to include on your visit a chance to see the variedecological areas of this part of the world, and also meet and interact with the indigenous people of the region. It is in this way thatthe warmth, charm, and hospitality of the Himalayan peoples can be felt. Wherever your visit takes you Himalayan Dreams wishesyou to meet and learn about the people and about this part of the world.

    The Locals:Himalayan Dreams realizes that the people who know an area best are those who are local to the region. For this reason HimalayanDreams has local guides and tour leaders, trained and licensed, who know the area and are instrumental in helping to formulateand create one-of-a-kind tours and treks. Their knowledge and their on the ground experience gives you a smooth running tourfrom the beginning to the end of your stay.

    Uncommon Companions:Because of Himalayan Dreams' individually created tours and treks, we are proud of the fact that we have many unique travelerswho return to us because we do create a new and exciting tour or trek for each visit. As a member of past Himalayan Dreams' tourswe are most proud of our comments and letters from clients who have been most impressed with the service and the travelingcompanions they encounter with Himalayan Dreams.

    Excursions of Awareness:Whether your Himalayan Dreams excursion is a physical tour, a journey of a spiritual nature, or a trip to enhance your knowledgeof the world and different cultures, Himalayan Dreams will lead you on an excursion of awareness of the environment, the wildlifeand the peoples of the Himalayas.Reliability and Trust:Any company's reputation is based on the reliability and trust of its clients'. At Himalayan Dreams our first commitment is to fulfillour promises to our clients and we gain trust through meeting our commitments as understood by those clients. Himalayan Dreamsvalues its clients and our reliability creates the trust that makes us a company to work with for visits to the Himalayan region.

    Himalayan Dreams and its team of professional and dedicatedstaff are always attuned to our clients' needs. We have a strongcommitment to help our clients explore the Himalayas and letthem select from a wide list of tours and treks from ourextensively researched offerings. We take great pride in meeting

    Why Choose the individual needs and desires of our clients and our tours aredesigned with each client specifically in mind.

    For over a decade we have been in the forefront of travel to theHimalayan countries. We are cognizant of the environment andhave been a leader in developing ecotourism in the region. Inaddition, Himalayan Dreams is constantly searching for new andinnovative ways to make travel in this area a rewardingexperience.

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    Culture Emersion Tours

    The main highlight of village tour is localattraction, both scenic and culture of thedifferent ethnic groups.

    Most popular village tours and activities:

    Village Life in Nepal is so simple andone can find much comfortable. Duringyour stay you will be able to explore thereal life of villagers, walking ups anddown with family for their daily chores,tending animals, tilling the fields, goingto school with the children, or just sittingin the sun talking to neighbors and alsobest opportunity to study and customsand culture.

    Village Life:It will undoubtedly be your life-timeexperience and at the end of your stay,you will be overwhelmed by the farewellthat your new family will give you. If younever come this way again the villageand its people will remain in your heartforever.

    Sirubari Village Bandipur Village Kakani Village tours Daman Village Tour

    Culture Emersion Tours offer you toexperience a stay in a typical Nepalivillage where you spend a few daysliving with local people and beingtreated as honored family guests. Thisgives an opportunity to observe the richNepalese cultural tradition. While stayingin the villages, you enjoy comfortableaccommodation, delicious local foodand drink and a welcome that willremain a happy memory for a lifetime.

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    Serendipity: the faculty of making happy andunexpected discoveries by accident.

    Come to Nepal and let Himalayan Dreams create a tourof "happy" and "unexpected" surprises as you awakeeach day to a new and exciting adventure! Unlike a tourthat gives you a pre-planned schedule, find yourselfenjoying the unexpected as you