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<ol><li> 1. HOW TO HIDE A RENTERS PROFILE TheRoomLink.co.za </li><li> 2. Step 1: Log in Enter your login details Select LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT </li><li> 3. Step 2: Go to your personal dashboard click on MY ACCOUNT Select MY ACCOUNT SUMMARY </li><li> 4. Step 3: Unpublish your Renters Profile Click on MANAGE RENTERS PROFILE Click UNPUBLISH </li><li> 5. HIDDEN UNTIL YOU NEED IT AGAIN Once you have unpublished your listing, you will no longer receive matching emails Next time youre looking for a place, you just amend your Renters profile using the same process &amp; selecting EDIT. PUBLISH your Renters Profile, and the emails will automatically start again (unless you switched them off) </li><li> 6. If you have any problems, please contact info@theroomlink well be happy to help www.twiter.com/theroomlink www.facebook.com/theroomlink www.youtube.com/theroomlink </li></ol>