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  • Helping to Shape PVCCs Future2008-2012Presidents Circle MeetingDecember 3, 2007PVCC Fall 1987PVCC Fall 1997PVCC Fall 1999PVCC Fall 2005PVCC New Life Sciences Building Fall 2009???

  • Purpose of Todays DiscussionsSolicit input from members of the Presidents Circle about how PVCC can help our residents, businesses, and community.Ideas regarding PVCCs role for the future will be used in the process to develop PVCCs Strategic Plan for 2008-2012.

  • "It's tough to make predictions -- especially about the future! Yogi Berra

  • PVCC ~ VisionParadise Valley Community College (PVCC) aspires to be the higher learning organization of choice by creating engaging lifelong educational relationships that inspire and support all learners to increase their capacity for personal growth and positive social change.

  • PVCC ~ MissionThe Mission of Paradise Valley Community College is to educate the whole person andto serve our students and our communities by providing learning opportunities thatare designed to help them achieve their goals.

    PVCC provides diverse learning opportunities including: University transfer education General education Developmental education Continuing education Community education Workforce development Student development Honors education Global engagement Civic responsibility

    PVCC provides access to these opportunities in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportiveenvironment. As a college committed to learning and continuous qualityimprovement, PVCC annually assesses and publishes reports concerning theeffectiveness of our programs and services.

  • PVCC ~ Core ValueLearning is the core value of our college. It is what we strive to achieve; it is what we careabout deeply, our common purpose.

  • PVCC Strategic Plan PurposesTo provide a guide toward our vision ~ preferred future.To provide direction as we strive to accomplish our mission.To anticipate and respond to changes and trends in our internal and external environments.To focus our systems and resources.To use institutional effectiveness to improve.

  • Strategic Planning ProcessReview the Colleges Vision, Mission, Core and Supporting Values.Consider the impact of internal and external trends on PVCC.Develop and recommend a Strategic Plan for PVCCs future.

  • PVCCs Strategic Planning Process

  • Steps to Develop New Strategic PlanEstablish goals and strategies for next five years.Determine related indicators to measure institutional effectiveness.Present new Strategic Plan for 2008-2012 for approval by college before end of Spring 2008.

  • Input from the Community Regarding PVCCs Role for the FutureWhat challenges and opportunities will this area of the Greater Phoenix Valley face in the next 5-10 years?Given these challenges and opportunities, identify the types of programs and services that PVCC should emphasize.


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