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1. HELP KICKING OFF YOUR CONTENT MARKETING Keen to get Content Marketing underway but not sure where to start? Want to use Content Marketing to drive leads, engage in social and increase your search ranking? Need marketing to deliver a measureable return?Start your journey knowing the territoryA clear view of the content territory youre in can help you carefully select the path (or many paths!)to success - and avoid common start-up mistakes, or dead-ends. This means increased efficiency inyour marketing spend, and faster time to market.While content marketing is relatively new to financial services, BlueChip has started working with well-known B2B & B2C brands in this specialist area. What weve learned along the way wed like to share.Our two hour workshop will help you:1.Understand your current content capability (including finding hidden assets!)2.Clearly see potential barriers and opportunities (such as spend efficiencies)3.Create an action planUsing a collaborative process we can work with you or your team to deliver an independentContent Marketing Readiness Assessment.We can also share what weve learned (partly from our own mistakes) about how to transition yourcurrent sales, marketing and communication efforts to align with the demands of a new, technology-driven, marketing era.This two hour workshop is designed for 1-8 people and is facilitated by senior BlueChipCommunication consultants.GOALSOUTCOMEPARTICIPANTSssess contentA Content Marketing hief Marketing Officer or HeadCcapability Readiness Report Cardof Marketingdentify barriersI Prioritised action list igitalDto successdo now, do soon,orporate affairs/PR Copportunitiesdo latercommunicationtep-by-stepStrategic marketingSaction planustomer/client/member serviceCopywriters/contentCampaign managementC For more information about a Content Marketing Readiness Assessment please speak to your BlueChip team or email