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Once you figure out the design you want, you will then have to figure out what materials to use, what colors, and of course where to get the materials from.


Hardscape Design Trends

Hardscape Design Trends

Chances are if you watch television, especially those decorating shows, you are absolutely fixated on people having the ability to turn their boring backyard into something fantastic. There is a reason after all, why so many people watch these shows! You begin to see a whole new yard transform, and it makes you think about what you can do with your own yard. Landscaping is very different from landscaping. Landscaping has to do more with the living breathing things in your yard such as plants, trees, flowers, etc. Hardscape tends to deal with "hard" foundations such as fountains, pools, patios, walkways and more. Landscaping your yard is pretty easy, but its even better if you have a plan and some ideas before you have someone come in and do any work for you. Because of this, we have listed a few ideas below on Hardscape design

Popular LandscapingLandscaping is a huge activity, one that many homeowners will drop a lot of money on in order to have a really unique looking yard. In fact, landscaping is so popular, that its one of the latest trends for your outdoor space and TV shows on HGTV have also grabbed onto this trend and feature a lot of shows that have to do with landscaping. This is something you can do yourself if you have enough knowledge and experience as well as time - or you can do what most people do and hire someone. Its going to cost a little more, but this will ensure its done professionally and that it looks amazing.

Getting Inspired

One of the most important steps when it comes to your plans is to gather inspiration. Not only should your designs be thought out and functional, but they should also be what you need them to be; i.e. a place to relax, a place to entertain, an extra place to have dinners outdoors, etc. In order to do this, its a really good idea to look on sites like Houzz and to read articles to find out about some ideas, how to best utilize the space you have, and how to customize the entire backyard. You can also check out Pinterest, which is all about visual images and some pictures, like on Houzz, can even show you how to get started on these designs you love so much.

Know Your Options

Once you figure out the design you want, you will then have to figure out what materials to use, what colors, and of course where to get the materials from. There are more choices than you might think when it comes to what types of materials to use. For example, you might think the only material choice for a deck is wood, but you would be wrong! You can find stone, cement, vinyl, faux wood, and so much more. The sky is the limit when it comes to materials. As far as where to get these items, most home improvement stores will have what you want, but if you are looking for something super specific, go to the professionals. For instance, if you want natural stone, rocks, pebbles, etc. go find a quality masonry that deals with this type of material.

Think BeyondOne of the coolest things about landscaping is that you have the ability to create layers or levels in your yard. Make sure that you not only think flat when it comes to your yard, but add these small changes like wood decks that are layered to have different sections or different levels of rock behind your pool to create a truly custom experience and to add "depth" to your yard.