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Screw Type Air Compressor Model GRH3Made in Korea


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  • Piston Type Compressor (1970s)

    Water- Cooled Piston Compressor (1970s)

    Panoramic View of Hanshin Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. In 1969

    Oil-Free Screw Compressor (1980s)

    Oil-Injected Screw Compressor (1980s)

  • Sept. 1969 Hanshin Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established.Nov. 1976 Converted to a corporation, and renamed Hanshin Machinery Co., Ltd.Feb. 1977 Hanshin products were presented at the world fair held in Toronto, CanadaJun. 1979 Started to produce water cooled type air compressors in technological partnership with Meiji Air Compressor Mfg. Co., Ltd. of JapanFeb. 1980 Started to produce vane type air compressors in technological partnership with Hydrovane Co., Ltd. of U.K.Oct. 1983 Started to produce screw compressors in technological partnership with Kobe Steel Ltd. of Japan Oct. 1985 Started to produce Koreas first oil-free screw compressorsDec. 1985 Started to export products to the U.S. after passing import inspections by the U.S. government Mar. 1986 Started to export air compressors to China by way of Hong KongNov. 1986 Selected as an outstanding domestic machinery development company and received an award from the Minister of

    Trade and IndustryJul. 1987 Company went public and offered IPOJan. 1990 Started to produce oil-free piston air compressors in technological partnership with Meiji Air Compressor Mfg. Co., Ltd. of JapanOct. 1991 Expanded the 2nd manufacturing complexNov. 1992 Designated as a Quality control factory and acquired the markDec. 1992 Passed the product design and performance requirements under the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Jan. 1993 Localized refrigerant type air dryerOct. 1994 Selected as the Worldwide Sales Leader by Nov. 1997 Acquired the ISO 9001 certificateFeb. 1999 Supplied the first localized compressors for the nuclear power plants

    (Youngkwang 5th and 6th neclear power plants) (Model: AL- 320H)Sept. 2001 Hanshin Machinery made inroads in the Chinese marketJul. 2003 Acquired the certificate of Outstanding After-Sales Service Corporation from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and EnergyDec. 2005 Factory in China completed construction (Jiaozhou, Shandong province)Jun. 2006 Acquired the certificate of Excellent Service Quality from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the first in the

    compressor industry

    Ansan Factory, Korea Jiaozhou Factory, China


    Since its founding in 1969 under the name of Hanshin Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd., Hanshin has led theKorean air compressor industry by marking many first domestically made products in Korea, beginningwith piston-type compressor in the 1970s, to the vane and screw compressors in the 1980s, and the oil-free screw compressor in 1983. Hanshin went public in 1987, and in 1999, the company became the firstto domestically produce compressors for nuclear power plants. In 2001, Hanshin once again made itsmark with the first Korean-run factory in China that specializes in manufacturing air compressors.

    There have been many air compressor manufacturers in Korea that opened their doors and then closed,but Hanshin has grown steadily until the company is considered as the representative of compressors inthe Korean market. You can be assured that Hanshin will remain a leader in the air compressor field,striving to satisfy customer demands, and meeting their high expectations.

    The History of Hanshin is the History of the Air Compressors in Korea


  • GRH3- 30ASpecifications & Dimensions 12 page

    Air Cleaner Suction Valve Cooling Fan Minimum Pressure Valve


    GRH3- 30A

    GRH3- 50A

    (Standard : Built-in type)

    GRH3- 100AC

    Oil / After Cooler Oil Filter And Thermostatic Valve

    V Belt / Direct Drive Oil (NXL- 3000)

    Hanshins GRH series is the model that sold more than 2,000 units a year. Since its launch in1997, the model has sold over 10,000 units. It broke the record of biggest selling single modelin the Korean industry, and is unquestionably Koreas top air compressor in terms of quantitysold.

    Hanshin compressors, with the pride of The power behind the world industries, are currentlybeing operated in all sizes of industrial fields from large production lines to smallneighborhood factories where products with made in Korea labels are manufactured.

    The Power behind the World Industires ! - The leader in sales, in the history of Korean air compressors!


  • STS Semiconductor & Telecommunication Lotte Samkang Co., Ltd.


    Certificate of Excellent Service Quality

    ISO 9001 certificate Mark of a listed enterprise Hanshins unique TM of nationwide after-sales service

    Certified Excellent Service Quality (ESQ)


    There has been, and still are, many companies that claim their products excel ours in terms ofperformance and cost, and that compressors are simply hardware. But Hanshin believes thatwhen our customers make a purchase, they are paying not just for a piece of steel called an aircompressor, but also for our corporate culture. We realize that there are many consumers whoencounter problems when trying to find replacement parts because the product came from oneof many air compressor manufacturers that are no longer in business.

    But Hanshin is Koreas first listed and only one air compressor manufacturer, a well-establishedcorporation with a business record of 40 years. Hanshin takes the social responsibility of acorporation seriously, and is clearly distinguishable from the many companies that entered themarket only to perish in short time while chasing short-term profits.

    When you purchase our products, you may count on our corporate culture, which has made itpossible for Hanshin to grow into the leader in Koreas air compressor industry.You can rest assured that Hanshin will always be there for you, ready to meet your highestexpectations.

    ESQ is a government-sponsored certification system, awarded to only a few companies thathave been selected by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy after a strict evaluationprocess. Hanshin is the solely ESQ certified company in this field, and one of only 400corporations in the entire industrial fields to have received the ESQ. It is a governmentcertification that embodies a dedication to quality management, comparable to the MalcolmBaldridge Award in the U.S.A.

    This is Hanshins unique service network system, born out of our commitment to the deliveryof equipment service within eight hours, and parts within four hours, to customers anywhereinside Korea. For this system, we have networked 53 Air Care Centers (ACC, the name of theHanshins own service center) that cover every corner of the country like capillary vessels, and13 distribution centers. This network system will put an end to customer service that neveranswers the customers call.

    Count On Our Corporate CultureTHE CULTURE

  • Minimal Power Consumption

    - Reduces power consumption through its motor rpm control function that corresponds to air consumption

    - Added savings in power consumption by turning to no- load operation mode when air consumption drops to less than 30%.

    Optimum Air Flow Control

    - Maximum amount of discharge is realized by automatically switching to the most efficient operation rpm of the motor within the range of operation pressure

    Air Consumption vs. Power Consumption The most efficient operation frequency and thedischarge amount for different ranges of pressure

    is the name of Hanshins graphic LCD MICOM control model, which displays operation status on the graphic monitor in an easy-to-read format. Since the brightness of the LCD screen automatically adjusts to thetemperature of the surrounding environment, you can see the status on the screen clearly, even in a dark area.

    Automatic calculation of the optimum operation rpm of the motorThe motor operation rpm is automatically adjusted when you change the pressure, so that it can offer the bestenergy savings and maximum benefits.

    Highly ReliableThe MICOM, which Hanshin developed using only verified control parts and sufficiently reliable tests, canguarantee perfect quality

    Easy and simple to useAll you need to do is set the operation pressure.Other data will automatically change to allow for optimumoperation.

    Main Screen Secondary Screen Fan Motor Trip Indication ScreenMain Motor Trip Indication Screen Operation Confirm Signal Error,

    Trip Indication Screen Discharge Temperature High, Trip IndicationScreen Temperature Sensor Error, Trip Indication Screen PressureSensor Error, Trip Indication Screen Air Filter Replacement IndicationScreen Oil Filter Replacement Indication Screen Oil SeparatorReplacement Indication Screen Internal Pressure Rise Automatic StartSystem Idle Screen Line Pressure Rise Automatic Start System IdleScreen Unload Operation Screen Automatic Blue(Stop) Screen Schedule Operation Selection Screen Stop Delay Operation Screen

    Discharge High Temperature, Alarm Indication Screen ScheduleOperation Screen Manual Non-Load Operation Screen Low CoolWater Volume, Trip Indication Screen Internal Pressure Drop, AlarmIndication Screen Oil Temperature High, Trip Indication Screen

    Data Setting Error, Trip Indication Screen

    This is Hanshins own inverter model that has the adaptability of a Chameleon. Built with artificialintelligent MICOM, this artificial intelligence model offers outstanding savings in power consumptionwith the most efficient rpm control.

    - Maximum Efficiency, Realized Through Superior Control Solution

    - Graphic LCD

    24 Categories to Check Operation Status

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