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if your heart has evr been broke in love. if you ever loved some one but, could nt tell her. if you have ever been stuck between love and reality.this is all for you only.still...in progress...



PREFACE There are two kinds of people in the world concerning love. One who permitted to love and the one who just kept yearning for love because they are not permitted? The story revolves around a teenagers life that is not permitted to love. Still, he does believe in love stories and fairytales. Hence, he falls in love with a girl just opposite to all his traits in life. The boy has been an intelligent student up to his intermediate. He had been living alone for all his life till intermediate. As though, the boy believes that Winners stands alone. Then, he comes to college and observes that he can not survive in this atmosphere where he got stuck in if he is alone. But, the day he realized it was too late to mess the things up. Moreover it is impossible to adjust him in that kind of environment. He is scared to interact with new people around him. Then, she comes across. She is super intelligent, career oriented girl with charming personality. One can easily see the confidence in her pleasing personality. It was love at first sight for the boy. He abruptly proposed her. But, she said no. The boys heart broke up. But, the boy loved her like hell. All day night long he used to remember her. He wanted to forget the girl. But, it was impossible. The boy had been across many girls in his life. But, he never had been into these kinds of feelings like love. Somehow, he gets her mailing address and started mailing her everyday. But, never gets even a single reply from her side. This was the one side of the story.

The story has it's another side related to God. We people believe in God and have faith in his almighty. We know he is always listening to our prayers and wishes. Among of which, some of them he fulfils and rest we kept demand for. "God is so kind and merciful". That's all what we know about God. But, some of us do believe and some of us don't. What will happen? When he turns against you or in the other sense, you turn against him and love to be against what he denies him to do, against his flow. It was all against him. The story is about what we never thought of; we never talked about. May be this story for once press you to think once that why do we believe in God and end will answer you to these questions? After a year long, the boy finds it difficult to love her anymore and to sooth himself that he would never get her ever. He assumes that she has a boyfriend and he started mailing her about him to pressurize her to speak out. Actually, the boy was not sure if she is single. He proposed her because he saw her with a boy many times. When he proposed her he made her clear that let him know if she had been into any relationship before. That time the girl said NO. She did not have any boyfriend before. But, she also did not say yes to him. She asked for the time. After 10 days, she said NO. But, it was so long enough to make him loving her like hell. The boy was completely in love with the girl. He pretends to be happy. But, internally missing her every second with every heart beat. This story is about the boys patience and the extent of the girls ruthless behavior. The boy believes that we born in couples and all we need to do are to find your soul mate. He was a loner.

The story is all about a student from a family of Bramhin, living life his own style. He did believe in God. But, he came across those spheres of life where he lost his faith in God. He used to have Monologue with him in his lonely hours. He suffered through many hardships of his life. But, his never back down spirit led him to the path of success.

INTRODUCTION Pranav is a very simple person. He was born in a middle class family of Brahmins. But, his family never was into any stuff of panditgiri. When he was born, a palm reader told his mother "aahaahahaaha...aaahaahaha. aatti uttaam.. very nice...very lucky boy. One day, this kid would make all of his family proud and wealthy. You would spend a lot of money for his education. But, he will make you wealthier even more. His future is bright for sure. More over, he is brown with a brown fortunate dot on his palm which is a sign of a wealthy person. Jai ho jai ho. God bless you. My child" Baba was on his full swing to get his Bhiksha. My mother name is Asha devi, she was the secretary of the temple in our society. She was so spiritual and superstitious too, which helped that Baba to flip the coin on his side. My mother was so happy to hear those words and gave five hundred rupees from his wallet to give to the palm reader. That time five hundred rupees were equal to five thousand which are enough to get a multimedia phone today. She starts providing the best education she could devote to her son. She put him to a reputed Hindi medium school. The boy did so well in his academics. After six years, his mother was called up in the school. "Hello. Mrs. Sharma. It is nice meeting you here. Please sit down" principal said to mother. My mother was little worried about me. She wanted to know the reason of calling her in the mid of the session like this. She knew Pranav is very descent child. He

would not do any thing that could harm some one. There fore, she was just wondering why did she call up for? All these questions were making her very nervous and scared too. Progress report of Pranav placed on the desk of the principal made her more nervous. Mean while, the principal was on the phone talking with some one in English. The mother did not understand English. She was all Hindi, which made her even more embarrassed. "Good morning. Mrs sharama. We called you here to talk about Pranav" principal told my mother. "Is he okay? What happened? He can't do any thing that could harm any one. I will scold him. Just tell me what he did?" she frequently replied questioning. "Calm down. He is absolutely fine and did not do any wrong thing." principal said to my mother. "Then, why did you call me?" she asked. "We called you to tell you that your child has scored fifty marks in his Hindi. The principal tells my mother. Sir, do not worry. I will scold him. Just call him. She was upset by my marks. Whoa! Mrs Sharma. First let me complete my statements. As though, he got poor marks in Hindi but, we are happy that he scored the top marks in English Ninety. So, it would be better if you change her medium of studying to the English medium. We also have an English medium school. We can transfer him there in the next Class if you wish. It would be better for him too principal advices my mother.

My mother was little nervous about the fees in that school. "Sir, I am so happy to hear this from you for my child. But, I will be gladder if you could waive some fee in that school She hesitatingly asked the principal. "Yes, off course. We do have the special scholarship program for our brilliant student. He just needs to clear an examination and his fee would be waived from his actual fee according to his performance in that examination" principal replied. I gave the admission test and cleared it with good marks. My mom was mom was very happy because my academics were going so well and the acceleration of increment in the performance in my class was appreciable. More I had become one of the intelligent students in my school. My mother was so impressed by me and put me in a international school with more facilities than my previous school. She still remembers the forecasting of that saint that there would be lot of expenditure over my study but he will compensate all even more. I must say my mom and dad are the best parents that children wish to have. In my high school, I scored distinction. This made my parents to expect even more from my side. After my intermediate, I took a different step than others that changed my life. I stepped into the Indias most expensive college AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. I left my locality and moved to a different atmosphere. It was the first time I was leaving my home for the next four years. It was my own decision to live in hostel. I always been thinking of living like this but did not expect this would happen.

Living alone a long away from the family, fill you with thrills and excitement that I Had too.

1. My first day of the college Excuse me, can you please help me out. I am a fresher. I am searching for my class that has to be held in this block asking one of the volunteers in white dress on the help desk. Yes off course. We are here for fresher only. Just tell me your trade he replied. I was confused over trade. This was the first jargon for me. As I just heard about trade in the social studies in the sixth standard that the British came in India for trade, the only thing in my mind was that. I am not here for the trade or any other business purposes. I am here to study only. I said to myself. Sorry. Sir I am not here for the trade. I have to study only. I think you misunderstood. I am a first year of Computer science student. I told him. Thats what I asked for. There you go. Okay you in the computer science. He amazingly replied. You guys have the orientation program on the fifth floor room no. 5LA6. Just go through these stairs. He showed me the stairs indicating the directions. I followed and was searching for my class in the corridor of fifth floor. I was confused because that guy did not tell me about my class or the room no and what is this orientation?..

Suddenly, a beautiful charming face appears. This time, a nice girl was on the same floor. Focus. Focus. Dont loose your concentration. I said to myself. But, she was so pretty. Where is your class? she asked me. I dont know. Some one told me about my orientation and 5LA6 I told her. Just follow me. She replied. yes, why not for sure I will have to follow you in my next four years. I murmured. She showed me my class and went off. As I enter in the class, I saw some seniors guiding the fresher students. They wer