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  • 1. By; Cheyenne Maduena Hairstyles
  • 2. Introduction For this project we were asked to take a minimum of 20 pictures to any theme we wanted, put them together as a slide show, and also add a hyperlink. We edited our photographs and either added them to google docs, or power point. Then were asked to upload them to slide share. I choose to base my theme on hairstyles. I choose this because I want to be a hair stylist and its always interesting to see how many and what kind of hairstyles there are. People are always different and like different things. There hairstyle shows there personality.
  • 3. Little girls tend to have long hair that is difficult to manage. So parents (or sisters) find it easier to put there hair in a ponytail. Or like Marley, adding a simple pink bow to go on top.
  • 4. Scenie kids have different or bright colored hair. This girl likes to have a light color with a darker red on the bottom of her hair.
  • 5. Boys tend to have shorter hair then girls.
  • 6. Other boys like to grow their hair long push it to the side.
  • 7. Little girls like to put things in there hair. Marley likes to put a colorful headband with colored ribbons coming out the back.
  • 8. Some girls may like to have long hair, while others, like Maria, prefer to have shorter hair and in the style of a bob.
  • 9. ! Braids Other girls, or sometimes guys, have long braided hair.
  • 10. Sometimes it easier for girls to pull there hair into a small bun yet have some hair hanging out. Hair pulled back"
  • 11. !Hair colors Many girls, and sometimes guys, like to experiment and dye there hair different colors. She has brown hair with an ombre on the bottom.
  • 12. My step mom has prefers to ware her natural hair. Which is is curly and full of volume.
  • 13. Some boys like to take care of there hair and keep it nice and brushed.
  • 14. Other boys don t like to deal with there hair at all and just cut it all off.
  • 15. Hairstyles I have created I have always like to experiment with hair and and I practice on my baby sisters. This is called a flower braid. 5-10mins/dutch-flower-braid-updo-hairstyles/
  • 16. This is also a flower braid. Flower braids are dutch braids that curve from the right or left side then still dutch braided down and curved up, and pinned to into the shape of a flower.
  • 17. Credits Creater; Cheyenne Maduena" " Models; Elizabeth, Fransisco, Cody, Maria, Samantha, Alyssa, Carolina, Barbara, Daniel, Felix, Jenesis and Logann Maduena. "