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DESCRIPTION This slideshow goes through the top hairstyles for 2012. For more information you should go to recomended hairdressers in London


  • 1. Lily Ma http://www.lilymaila.coLily Maila

2. Soft 80s It can be extremely tough to stand out from the crowd in London with so many stylish people. Lets have a look at the hottest hair styles right now. Were currently in a soft 1980s era where 1980s styles are making a comeback and mixed in with rustic, indie styles. Shoreditch is particularly popular these days and its very much setting the scene throughout London. Short crops are extremely popular these days with celebrities like Emma Watson currently rocking cropped hair. Its Twiggy like and incredibly trendy. Grungy textures are in, particularly pastels. Hairstyles like Blake Lively are very popular right now. It is all about the raw, natural look with perfectly styled hair a definite no at the moment. You should be thinking of styles like Balayage effect and leather jackets.Lily Maila 2 3. Retro is in Retro is really trendy right now. If you really want to stand out, its best to combine new and old effectively. The best haircuts are the ones that look effortless and natural. This is great because if you get the right style, its very easy to look after and it makes it possible for you to live life to the full without worrying about your hair.Lily Maila 3 4. Go to a great hairdresser Prior to you alter your hair, its recommended that you go to a good hair salon and discuss your ideas with a hair stylist. Its maybe that your face shape will not suit the style you had in mind or it is going to will need a certain cut for it to look very good. As soon as its cut, it is going to take a huge amount of time to grow back so it is important that you dont get it wrong in the first place. Your hair ought to make you feel wonderful.Lily Maila 4 5. Ask your hair stylist for advice Speaking to your hairdresser is easier said than done. A lot of hair salons simply cut hair and are often not very creative. You thus need to take into consideration where you are going to get it cut. It is important to go to hairdressers in London that have been recommended.Lily Maila 5 6. Choose a great salon It is recommended that you opt for one of the best hair salons in London when searching for a cool hairdo. Going from long hair to short hair is a huge step and you want to be sure that it will look good beforehand.Lily Maila 6 7. Which celebrities styles do you like? Magazines are a terrific place to start when looking at new styles. Have a look to see which celebrities you believe have really good hairstyles to get thoughts about which hairstyles you would like and after that chat to the stylist at your hair salon to see if they will suit you.Lily Maila 7 8. Are you looking for a new hairstyle?Got to Lily Maila http://www.lilymaila.comLily Maila 8