haiku japanese poetry. what is haiku? an ancient form of japanese poetry has 17 “moras” which...

Download Haiku Japanese Poetry. What is Haiku? an ancient form of Japanese poetry has 17 “moras” which are similar to syllables usually has a “kigo” which is a

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  • HaikuJapanese Poetry

  • What is Haiku?an ancient form of Japanese poetryhas 17 moras which are similar to syllablesusually has a kigo which is a reference to one of the seasonsare written in one vertical line of characters called kanji (Japanese words in calligraphy) usually focus on the natural world

  • Haiku used to be written by guys like these.

  • It would often look like this. The haiku is in the corner.

  • The haiku would often be illustrated.

  • Famous Examples

  • An old silent pond...A frog jumps into the pond,splash! Silence again. -Basho


  • This is the same poem written in kanji.

  • Over the wintryforest, winds howl in ragewith no leaves to blow. -Soseki

  • Modern HaikuNowadays, haikus can be written by anyone, about anything, though they still are often about nature.Usually haikus follow the rule of three lines, with the first line having 5 syllables, the second line 7, and the third line 5 again.

  • I am nobody:A red sinking autumn sunTook my name away. -Richard Wright

  • A few Kid Haikus

  • Notice how Ryan did his haiku to go along with his illustration?

  • I really like Mariels word choice in this poem! It goes so well with her drawing.

  • This is a Japanese example. Notice the syllables dont match up, as they use moras.

  • Now its YOUR turn!Were going to do whats called Who Am I? haikus.Rules: Have to be three lines, with 5/7/5 syllables.Cant tell in the poem what it is, just hintsHave to be about something everyone would recognize or easily know.

  • ExamplesHere is an example...can you guess?Green and speckled legs,Hop on logs and lily padsSplash in cool water.

  • In a pouch I grow,On a southern continent --Strange creatures I know.


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