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  • 1.HaikuPoetry

2. Haiku is also called nature orseasonal haiku. 3. Haiku is usuallywritten in thepresent tense andfocuses on nature(seasons). 4. Haiku PoetryDefinition 1An unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven,and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17syllables in all.The 5/7/5 rule was made up for school children to understand and learn thistype of poetry. 5. Haiku Poetry Definition 2Made of three lines of poetry, 17 syllables or LESS.An ideal haiku should be short/long/short 6. Haiku PoetryHelpful HintsHaiku is generally not written in one longrun on sentence. It is generally writtenin two parts.You have a fragment on the first or thelast line, then you have the body of thehaiku. 7. Haiku PoetryWinter sun--a cyclist pedalsagainst the wind 8. Haiku PoetrySalt-waves caress sandtickling my toes and heart in their short-spun wake 9. Haiku Poetry Pink cherry blossomsCast shimmering reflections On seas of Japan 10. Haiku PoetryWarm soup in a bowlletters of the alphabet hang on the teaspoon 11. HAIKU POETRY On the following slides are picturesof seasons. Now it is your turn to write someHaiku poetry. In your journal, write a Haiku poemfor each scene.


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