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1. Guaranteed: How To Get A Bigger Butt In A Week... Brought to you by: I have to say right at the start that there is no magic potion, pill or exercise routine that will help you to get a bigger butt in 1 week. We are all aware that men do, in fact, admire a well rounded and full booty and while this has been the case for centuries, fashion has recently dictated and hypnotized women into believing otherwise. Now with the likes of JLo and the Kardashian sisters flaunting there well rounded derrieres, things are changing and a better bigger butt is becoming the 'must have' accessory. So, if you are looking at ways to get a bigger butt then it important to remember that it has taken all your life so far to obtain the amazing figure you already have. Be careful not to be unrealistic in your expectations . To get a new bigger, well rounded butt is going to take some dedicated effort for at least a few months. So now I hear you say: "Whats with the title, Guaranteed: How To Get A Bigger Butt In A Week?" Well, there is a way, it is guaranteed and while it may not be exactly what you are expecting, it most certainly works. If you are looking to get an instant better, bigger butt while you are waiting for the exercises, butt enhancing creams and pills to work then you need this amazing piece of booty wear. It provides an instant but light lifting effect that is not overboard. It adds dimension and lift naturally combined with tummy control and the good news is that this new booty is all yours! It can be worn underneath any type of clothing and simply lifts you up, just as we would wish nature would. The best part is that it costs less than $20. Better still, how about a pair of fantastic butt lifting jeans? 2. For more information or to read the complete article visit: