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Grow VC Group presentations for events in Tel Aviv and Oulu about new finance sector opportunities: crowdfunding, crowd investing, p2p lending and payment solutions.


  • Internet and mobile change the whole finance sector Tel Aviv & Oulu June, 2014 Jouko Ahvenainen Grow VC Group ++ ++ @growvc ++ MARKETS ASSETS CROWD ++ Copyrights Grow VC Group 2014
  • Finance and Services Infrastructure Consulting & Professional Services Grow VC Group ++ Copyrights Grow VC Group 2014 Hong Kong - London - New York - San Francisco - Sao Paolo The Grow VC Group is a worldwide pioneer and leader in the crowd investing, peer-to-peer and online investment market.
  • Copyrights Grow VC Group 2014 Internet has been a distribution channel ++
  • Executive Summary Finance middle men have made a lot of money ++ Internet will change the finance sector: make the value chain more effective, get rid of middle men and decrease costs
  • The Challenge: The worlds largest and deepest market is very fragmented. Its too difficult for investors to find companies, and vice versa. 3% of Accredited Investors participate. New finance regulation (JOBS Act) and other new rules will greatly increase the size of the worlds largest market. $905b Friends & Family Venture Capital The NEW Reg D $75b$23b Executive Summary This is US only, but the same situation globally US Private Security Market ++
  • Copyrights Grow VC Group 2014 Three big things for finance ++ 1. Crowdfunding and similar market places enable effective investment and lending models for all kind of investors, companies and assets 2. Market places enable new co-investment and co-lending models, i.e. get many kind of investors and investment models to work together 3. Platforms can also automated a fund, i.e. investors dont always have to pay for fund management fees, when a platform with investment criteria and co-investing models can do the same (a kind of index fund) Do we need banks to transfer money? What is the role of investment banks in the future? Why we pay for brokers, if we can find deals ourselves? Are all fund managers value for money or could we automate their work?
  • Copyrights Grow VC Group 2014 Create a new effective finance retail market ++ Crowd investing Market Place P2P Lending Companies / Assets Market Places Investors / resources
  • Late Stage 32% Public Markets 23% Startups 13% Real Estate 9% P2P Finance 9% Energy 9% Business Lending 3% Not-For-Profit 1% Other 1% 2014 new finance platforms (source Crowd Valley Inc.) Crowd funding and online investing platforms ++
  • FINANCE GOES TO THE INTERNET AND IT COMES TO YOUR MOBILE These were just some examples of new services in the finance sector There are much more opportunities to create new finance services and startups
  • Jouko Ahvenainen +1 646 363 6664 (US) +44 7889 833 165 (UK) Grow VC Group ++ ++ @growvc ++ Slideshare: Grow VC MARKETS ASSETS CROWD