greenhouse garden center and diy product presentation from digiplastics

Download Greenhouse Garden Center and DIY product presentation from Digiplastics

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Presentation of innovative products for the DIY trade, the Garden centers and the Greenhouses. From Wall organizers, to Polycarbonate Multiwall. From Modular floor tiles to corrugated anti drop cover.


  • 1. Digiplastics produces and distributes innovative products for Garden centers and the DIY trade. From polycarbonate glazing, to organizing systems to plastic tiles and garden roofing, we offer a great selection at the best price for your customers. Summer is Almost Over! Need any new ideas for next spring ?

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Corrugated PC Multiwall PC Corrugated GRPHigh Performance Solutions For the Greenhouse and Garden centers 9. Lets meet at glee !! Contact us for an appointment 10. Digiplastics +44 (0)2032891985 +39 349-052-9852 +1 608 359 1750


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