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Green Jobs Report: Broward County 2010 . Timothy McWhirter , Ph. D. Program Director, Broward County Green Workforce Innovation Project . Green Jobs Report. What are green Jobs? Why are they important? Where are they?. The Broward County Green Workforce Innovation Project. Objective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Green Jobs Report: Broward County 2010</p> <p>Green Jobs Report:Broward County 2010 </p> <p>Timothy McWhirter, Ph. D.Program Director, Broward County Green Workforce Innovation Project </p> <p>Green Jobs ReportWhat are green Jobs?Why are they important?Where are they?</p> <p>The Broward County Green Workforce Innovation ProjectObjectiveInvestigate how we can encourage the development of a green economy by:locating where green jobs are likely to beLooking for training, incentive and financing programs that will foster the development of green jobs.SponsorsCiti FoundationBroward CollegeBroward AllianceWorkforce </p> <p>What are Green Jobs?Jobs associated with:clean energy production increasing energy efficiency reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution conserving water and other natural resources </p> <p>Examples of Green JobsClean energy production Photovoltaic System Installer and DesignerIncreasing energy efficiencyHybrid Automobile Mechanic Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollutionTechnician at Waste to Energy Plant Conserving water and other natural resourcesSustainability Director </p> <p>Why are Green Jobs Important?StabilityStates across the country have adopted Renewable Energy Standards, Mandates, or Goals requiring utility companies to produce a percentage of their power from renewable resources.These standards will create green jobs. </p> <p>National Renewable Energy Standard of 25% by 2025 would Generate Job Growth</p> <p>Why are Green Jobs Important?</p> <p>Why are Green Jobs Important? </p> <p>Why are Green Jobs Important?</p> <p>Why are Green Jobs Important?</p> <p>Where are the Green Jobs?</p> <p>Where are the Green Jobs?</p> <p>Green Jobs in Broward CountyBiomassUsing grasses and municipal and agricultural waste to generate electric power.Wheelabrator Plants ( ($37,000-$67,000)Engineers ($80,000-$90,000)County and state areplanning to increaseuse of these plants.</p> <p>Green Jobs in Broward County</p> <p>Solar Energy Resources Florida Solar Energy CenterGreen Jobs in Broward CountyMinority Builders Association received over $3 million to work with Advanced Green Technologies ( to train (OIC $1 million): Solar Thermal System Designer/Installer (avg. $46,000)Solar PV Designer/Installer (avg. $48,000)Weatherization (avg. $30,000)</p> <p>Green Jobs in Broward CountyGreen Automobile Technician ($41,000)HybridsBiodiesel </p> <p>Green Jobs in Broward CountyAging Workforce in Utility IndustryBelow average turnover.High % of baby boomers.Renewable Energy Standards are forcing utilities toward renewable energy.$57,000 Meter Technician</p> <p>Green Jobs in Broward CountyGreen ITNetworking the GridFPL Smart Meter Program in Broward (100,000 meters)Paperless ProcessesCloud ComputingIT Engineer $80,000-$90,000</p> <p>Green Jobs in Broward County: SummaryBiomass--Plant Engineer, Mechanic, Technician. Photovoltaic System Designer/InstallerHybrid Automobile MechanicUtility TechnicianIT Engineer </p> <p>Green Jobs Broward County: Future</p> <p>Gulf StreamGreen Jobs Broward County: FutureWater TurbinesFAU Center for Ocean Energy TechnologyReceived $1.2 million Federal Grant </p> <p>Green Jobs Broward County: FutureSpace Solar EnergyPacific Gas and Electric has begun exploring renewable energy from space.Energy is converted into radio waves and beamed to receiving stations on earth.</p> <p>Living in the 21st Century: Our Green JobSlow FoodEco-drivingSustainable Consumption</p>