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<ul><li><p>Choosing a Baby Shower Gift That Matters </p><p>Buying a baby shower gift is tricky, especially if you've never had children or you don't </p><p>know the mother-to-be very well. But there are wonderful gifts available that are sure to </p><p>delight new parents. Knowing what makes a good baby shower gift is simply a matter of </p><p>examining what's most important at this time of the young family's life. </p><p>Gifts That Show You Care </p><p>If the mom is someone truly special, you want to give her a meaningful gift that she will </p><p>treasure. It's hard to predict what will become an heirloom -- sometimes it's simply the </p><p>blanket that happens to survive childhood. But there are many sure-fire ways to show you </p><p>care. </p><p> Get a gift that suits her lifestyle -- such as a handy baby travel bag if she's a jetsetter, or a jogging stroller if she's the fitness type. </p><p> Give or offer services instead of material things -- for example, a year's worth of monthly cleaning services or a week's worth of hot delivered meals after the </p><p>family comes home from the hospital. </p><p> Don't even spend money -- offer your own time and services, such as sitting with baby while she showers and returns some phone calls, or taking care of older </p><p>children while she bonds with the new baby. </p><p>Hand-made gifts are always welcome, just make sure it's something practical and useful, </p><p>such as a blanket or baby furniture. Step stools are an easy woodworking project that the </p><p>child can use for years to come. </p><p>Gifts That Last Awhile </p><p>Diapers and newborn-size clothing are only useful for a short while. Consider gifts that </p><p>help mom and baby beyond those first few weeks, such as larger size clothing that other </p><p>shower guests might not think of, or perhaps something she can look forward to baby </p><p>using later, like a baby activity center. Other gifts that get a lot of use are bedding, a </p><p>nightgown for mom, baby books, or a contribution to baby's college fund. </p><p>Gifts That Make Life Easier </p><p>Some gifts make it so much easier to care for baby, even if not much money was spent on </p><p>it. For example, a storage bag for the stroller, travel changing mats, and self-heating </p><p>travel bottles aren't bank breakers, but sure make it easier to take care of the baby when </p><p>mom's on the go. Gift cards are another way to assure mom will like and appreciate </p><p>whatever she gets. </p><p>Gifts for Other Family Members </p><p></p></li><li><p>If you're pretty sure mom is going to have lots of gifts from family and friends, you might </p><p>consider a thoughtful gift for another family member, such as the neglected dad or older </p><p>siblings. A day at the zoo is always a great gift. It also assures the older children that the </p><p>baby has not, in fact, taken over everyone's lives. Dad might enjoy a baby carrier so he </p><p>can help mom out when he's home from work, or perhaps he'd enjoy a tool set so he can </p><p>assemble all of the baby beds, diaper changing stations, toys, and other items that are sure </p><p>to pop up around the house. </p><p>With a little thought and creativity, you're sure to land a baby shower gift that makes all </p><p>the other guests envious of your mad gift-picking skills. </p></li></ul>