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a b e c. CONNECT BLUETOOTH. FORWARD. REVERSE. A UTONOMOUS B RILLIANTLY E NGINEERED C OOLER M. Bianco, A. Boyles, C . Echanique, and G . Lee UCF EECS Senior Design Group #23. Project Definition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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GPS Tracking SystemAn autonomous user tracking system is employed to navigate the vehicle using GPS data. The following diagram demonstrates the tracking procedure implemented.

Project DefinitionABEC is an autonomous cooler on wheels that addresses the common tailgating issues such as transporting heavy loads across long distancesIt features a GPS tracking system to track the users smart phone and directs its path according to the users positionIt uses motion sensors to handle object interferences by rerouting the stations pathIts sustainable energy framework uses a solar panel to provide renewable energy to the vehicle

AUTONOMOUS BRILLIANTLY ENGINEERED COOLERM. Bianco, A. Boyles, C. Echanique, and G. LeeUCF EECS Senior Design Group #23Obstacle AvoidanceObstacle avoidance is needed for autonomous tracking mode. Three ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles in front of the vehicle. The left and right sensors allow the vehicle to turn safely. The center sensor is set to a higher range to detect objects directly in front of the vehicle sooner.

The left and right sensors are set to detect objects at a range of 30 inches away. The center sensor is set to a range of 36 inches.

SpecificationsCarry up to 130 lbs.Move at least 2 mphMust detect obstacles at least 3 feet awayMax range of up to 50 feet from userGPS tracking accurate to 15 feetOperate for up to 6 hours on one chargeRequirementsSync with phone via BluetoothTrack user through cell phone and onboard GPSFollow user autonomously Remote control featureObstacle avoidance systemRecharge battery with solar panels or wall outlet




VehicleSolar PowerThe vehicle s primary power supply is a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery that is responsible for providing the power that will run each motor. A 30 watt mono-crystalline solar panel is mounted to hood of the vehicle so that it is in a position to receive the optimal amount of sunlight. Charge ControllerIn order to utilize the solar panel in the most efficient way possible, it has been connected to a charge controller which is then connected to the 12V battery. This charge controller will use maximum power point tracking to get the maximum possible power from the solar cells on the panel. It will also provide certain safety features that are designed to prevent overcharging as well as maximize battery life.

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