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Falcon-i is a robust solution that provides efficient GPS tracking for a wide range of segments like Logistics, Transportation, BPO/IT/ITES, Educational institutions, Health care, Solid Waste Management, etc. GPS based tracking solution is an innovative technology which enables to remotely track or monitor the location and various vehicle parameters at any given point of time.


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2. Manufactured by American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd (AMI India), Falcon-i provides GPS tracking solutions forvarious industry segments including Logistics, Transportation, Employee Tracking, Student Tracking, Ambulance Tracking, Carrier Tracking and Bin Tracking. Supported by a unique platform that combines a variety of established technologies from Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless communication to digital mapping and hosted as well as mobile applications, Falcon-i is a secure, proven, scalable, and comprehensive and user friendly solution. 3.

  • Location monitoring (GPS accuracy of less than 10 meters)
  • Back tracking the path taken for trips
  • Monitoring the distance Travelled for trips
  • Speed Monitoring and Speed limiting
  • Geo fencing
  • RFID Integration with tracking
  • Built-in flash memory of 4MB to store information
  • Optional auxiliary battery
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Remote immobilizing of vehicles in cases of theft/over-speeding


  • Employee Tracking Solutionfor BPO/IT/ITES industry
  • Student Tracking Solutionfor educational institutions
  • Ambulance Tracking Solutionfor healthcare sector
  • Carrier Tracking Solutionfor logistics firms
  • Bin Tracking Solution for Solid Waste Management in Municipal corporations


  • Aimed to provide an efficient transportation system for BPO/IT/ITES personnel
  • Features offered:
  • Live vehicle tracking on map for real-time tracking of company vehicles
  • Route planning to use the most optimum and direct route to each point.
  • Alerts for the security of female employees
  • SMS alerts to employees
  • Ping to locate feature
  • Two way voice communication
  • RFID Card Integration
  • SOS button for emergencies.
  • Transport cost report
  • Employee no show report
  • Employee travel log


  • This Solution designed exclusively for educational institutions, enables the school / college authorities to manage their transport operations more efficient, and at the same time provides safety to the students.
  • Features offered:
  • Live School Bus / van tracking on Map for real time tracking of school vehicles and the students availing the school transport facilities.
  • SMS alerts to parents to notify them of the School Bus / Van approaching the pickup/drop point
  • SMS alerts to parents to notify them of the school bus/van reaching the school.
  • RFID Card Integration
  • Student travel log


  • A carefully crafted solution that aims at providing an efficient management of fleet of ambulances. This solution is designed to be used for ensuring the availability of an ambulance to a patient in the shortest possible time.
  • Features offered:
  • Live ambulance tracking on Map that helps ambulances to quickly arrive to the scene of an accident.
  • Departure and arrival time of the ambulance from base station, patient/victim location and hospital are recorded in the Incident log.
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • Biometric sensor for driver
  • Live data transfer enabled between hospitals and the medical equipments installed in the ambulance
  • Two way voice communication to enable Remote Medical Assistance


  • Exclusively designed for logistic firms, this solution lets logistics firms track and monitor the cargo carrier at any point of time.
  • Features offered:
  • Live goods carrier tracking
  • Customized reports (vehicle travel log, transportation cost records, etc.)
  • Interfacing with ERP
  • Electronic sealing to ensure secured transportation of goods.
  • Optimum route planner that enables the goods-carrier to use the most optimum and direct route to each source and delivery point, thus providing the optimum transport lead time and save on fuel expenses.


  • This solution is aimed to equip the municipal/other corporations with better functioning of the solid waste management system. By optimizing the usage of the waste carrying vehicles the system can be more efficiently handled.
  • Features offered:
  • Monitor the movement of vehicle carrying the bins
  • Shortest route identification to landfill / dumping site
  • Bin pick up status (bins picked up/served on not picked up/served in real time)
  • Avail MIS for effective planning of resources, schedule & unforeseen events
  • Achieve greater transparency in the civic administration
  • Reduce the unwanted trips/detours/stoppages
  • Enhance the productivity/utilization of the fleet