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GPS tracking system helps owner to track and monitor vehicle positioning. Tracking device very helpful for business. Install GPS tracking system in your vehicle from



2. What is Fleet Management SystemFleet (vehicle) management can include a range of functions,such as automobile funding, automobile servicing, automobiletelematics (tracking and diagnostics), car owner control, speedcontrol, petrol control and protection control. FleetManagement is a function which allows companies whichdepend on transport in business to eliminate or reduce thethreats associated with automobile investment, enhancingperformance, performance and reducing their overalltransport and staff costs, providing 100% conformity withgovernment regulation (duty of care) and many more.Advanced fleet management systems can connect to thevehicles onboard computer, and gather data for the user.Details such as mileage and fuel consumption are gatheredinto a global statistics scheme. 3. Fleet Management Diagram 4. Fleet Management Solution for IndustriesEnergy IndustriesGovernment IndustriesLogistics IndustriesMining & Construction Industries 5. Benefits of Fleet Management System Reduces Operational Cost Easily Monitoring the movement Long life of Vehicles Remote vehicle disabling systems allow you to disable an engine,prevent vehicle movement, and stop or slow down a moving vehiclefrom far away. Reduce the chance of lost or stolen goods. Global Position System, is a system that can determine the location of avehicle by locating a tracking device whose position is recorded atregular intervals. Increase productivity of business Unique features provide driver and vehicle safety and reducing risk. 6. Increase Business Service with FMS Fleet management system provides tracking system which reducescustomer waiting time and increase response rate compare to competitor. Respond faster in unscheduled emergency calls by knowing which vehiclein the area. Providing frequent, accurate information of arrival times to customer. Fleet management service provides the information which help to satisfycustomer. It helps to get to customers ahead of competitors. 7. GPS Fleet Management Tracking SystemGPS (Global Positioning system) fleet management system provides livetracking and monitoring system on computer which display the exactlocation of vehicle in map. It helps to easily track the positioning ofvehicle.GPS fleet tracking system which provides all tracking data. No phoning to acall center to know where your vehicle. It saves time, increases thebusiness productivity and reduces the risk. 8. Thank YouAzuga vehicle tracking gives you an easy path to dazzling service, safer fleets, and more business.Contact Us:Call our Customer Care no. : 888-790-0715or Our headquarters at +1-408-430-5777email us at info@azuga.comWebsite: