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  • 1. Definition (Global warming is a slow but steady rise in Earth's surface temperature.) The happenings in malaysia (ex: acid rain in the city ) ; Acid rain is caused when coal or oil is burned, which in turn generate vast amounts of polluting gases

2. Natural resources are materials and components (something that can be used) that can be found within the environment. 3. Reducing transportation emissions is one of the most vital steps in fighting global warming. 4. Using electricity leads to heat production. The problem is how we produce the electricity.. 5. Sulfuric acid is one of the most important industrial material chemicals business. (Ex: produce fertilizer, petroleum refining, processing metals, produce rayon, as electrolyte in lead acid battery) 6. Deforestation leads to Greenhouse effects 7. Deforestation = fewer trees Fewer trees = more CO2 More CO2 = Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Enhanced Greenhouse Effect = Global warming 8. Increases in global temperature and greater variability will force farmers to adopt new management practices. 9. The Tourism and Travel Sector is highly affected by Global Warming for several reasons. 1. First of all, people are going more green nowadays, choosing eco-tours and eco-hotels to minimize their carbon footprint as they travel. 10. 2. the increase in bad weather events, landslides and erosion will all keep tourists away. 11. 3. Many countries that depend on tourism will be affected by the sea level rise, thus resulting in the closing of many beachside tourist spots, ski resorts and golfing hotels. 12. For example, properties located on coasts affected by storms where it could become more difficult and costly to obtain insurance. 13. For example, winter clothes will not be sold out enough in a mild season. However, more summer clothes will be of demand. 14. For example, when people go shopping, if its too hot in summer, fewer people go out, same is the case in severe winters. 15. The climate change could also bring a change in our general health. It is feared that warmer climates may see the emergence of some conditions and diseases not found today. 16. It is important that businesses realize the need to plan for climate change and adopt new suitable strategies to cope with this quick change. 17. Invest in Renewables Stand Up Against Coal, Tar Sands and Fossil Fuels Education ( Nurturing Youngster ) 18. Green Your Commute (Encourage your employer to offer commuter benefits that address limited or expensive parking, reduce traffic congestion, improve employee recruiting and retention and minimize the environmental impacts associated with drive-alone commuting.) Organize Planting activities Go green Advertisement 19. The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a nonpartisan effort to bring people together to declare that global warming is here now and that it is time to demand solutions. 20. Over one million individual, verified Marchers have signed up from all 50 states (and over 25 countries) Over 35 U.S. Legislators and Governors have joined, including John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 21. promotional banners and images for use on websites, blogs and online community pages. Show supporting and helping this organization and spread the word by encouraging others to join the Virtual March, by hosting a banner or button. Banners Buddy Icon Badge 22. Trying to encourage students to join these movements against global warming and spread it over their classes and schools ,because they think that students have been the driving force in social change throughout history. 23. Sign up through this website: 24. Reduce- using fewer resources ( Ex: Choose electronics and appliances that are energyefficient. ) Reuse- Before you recycle or dispose of anything, consider whether it has life left in it. ( Ex: A jam jar can store leftovers. ) Recycle: prevent waste of potentially useful materials Sheryl Eisenberg ( 25. Relax Your Comfort Standards - Using Less Heat and Air Conditioning - Wear a sweater if its cold or wear shorts if its too warm in the office. 26. Change a light bulb ( regular light bulbs compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs ) Drive less and drive smart 27. Use the off switch Encourage others to conserve 28. Turn off Your Computer Take Shorter Showers Plant Trees Buy Hybrid Cars Bring Cloth Bags to the Market 29. Books: Human activity - (global warming opposing viewpoints) 363.73874 GLO { or } author: GREENHAVEN PRESS Human-Produced Carbon Dioxide - (global warming opposing viewpoints) 363.73874 GLO 2010 { } author: GREENHAVEN PRESS Human-greenhouse gases- (global warming opposing viewpoints) 363.73874 GLO 2011 Sources: -( -( -( -(