glass shower screens in sydney add visual appeal to bathroom decor

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Glass shower screens are sturdy and can make the entire area more functional while adding a modern touch.


  • 1. (Australia) (Italy)1300-849-946Glass Shower Screens In Sydney Add VisualAppeal To Bathroom Decor

2. (Australia) (Italy)1300-849-946There is no better way to create a luxurious bathroom than installinga beautiful glass shower screen. Glass shower screens are sturdy andcan make the entire area more functional while adding a moderntouch. Safety in bathroom is of huge importance and glass showerscreens are made from tempered safety glass that has high impactresistance, giving the users peace of mind for themselves as well asfor their family. 3. (Australia) (Italy)1300-849-946Key benefitsGlass shower screens are hassle-free to install and are specificallydesigned to let the light into shower while preventing the water fromescaping shower enclosure. The steam and water is kept within theenclosed area. These screens are easy to clean and require little orno maintenance. Furthermore, glass shower screens can be easilytransformed to create frameless enclosures and folding screens,which provide a creative solution during the bathroom makeover. 4. (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946About Toughened glassToughened glass is a kind of safety glass that is four to six timesstronger than annealed glass of same thickness. When it breaks, thetempered glass breaks into small cuboids instead of jagged shardsand dont cause any harm. Due to its layering, this glass is moreresistant to impact and can withstand thermal differential. 5. (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946Styles of glass shower screensGlass shower screens provide a wonderful way to add a modern andstylish feature to the bathroom and make it focal point of home.There are numerous styles and designs of glass shower screensavailable, including pivot door, single panel, semi frameless screenand frameless designs. Frameless shower screens give an impressionof spacious bathroom and allow more light to enter the showerenclosure, making them an ideal option for modern bathrooms. 6. (Australia) (Italy)1300-849-946Benefit of semi-frameless designsSemi-frameless glass shower screens are framed around the mainperimeter, but not around the door. The front of the shower screenshas clean lines without any frames. As the framing is only around theoutside edges, there are fewer places where soap scum canaccumulate. This makes cleaning much easier and quicker. 7. (Australia) (Italy)1300-849-946Contact us:Email :- (Australia) (Italy)Phone No :- 1300-849-946 8. (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946Contact us:Email :- (Australia)THANK YOU (Italy)Phone No :- 1300 VIZZINI (849 946)