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  • Glad Tidings for Trinity Trinity Lutheran Church 5001 Hixson Pike Hixson, TN 37343

    423/870-1236 fax: 423/486-9057

    Dear Friends, Bill Vaughan says, “An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” Perhaps you are among those ready to see 2019 leave. Maybe you are among those who look back on 2019 with fondness. Either way, 2019 will soon be passed and we will look to a new year with its hope and possibilities. So what’s new in this new year? Hear at Trinity what’s new is a new pastor! I had the privilege of attending Pastor Elise’s ordination at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC. By the time you read this, Pastor Elise will have moved to Chattanooga and will be preparing to start her call as one of the pastors at Trinity. Her official start date will be January 1st. New beginnings are special, whether we are talking about a new baby, a new home, or in this case a new pastor. We look forward to receiving her and joining with her in ministry and mission in the coming year.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

    What wonderful words with which to start a new year! No matter what paths we travel in the coming year, God is already there and already preparing the way. Therefore, let the new year begin! And in the newness and freshness of the new year, may we find Christ’s will and way as children of God. For in seeking God’s will we find hope and a way to the future! In Christ’s service and yours, Pr. Stan Combs

  • Virginia Kohl 1/22

    Steven Wixson 1/22

    Christian Woodfin 1/22

    Bill Buelow 1/27

    Jim Faller 1/29

    Margaret Jones 1/31

    Grant Yelliott 1/7

    Rex Smith 1/8

    Gloria Rawlston 1/9

    Theresa Bowman 1/14

    Allen Cain 1/14

    Susan Gilbert 1/16

    Daniel Ortega 1/16

    Jon Nichols 1/20

    Anja Utt 1/20

    Gene Haar 1/21

    James Craig 1/1

    Linda Doll 1/1

    Frances Luker 1/1

    Dennis Luker 1/1

    Molly Iles 1/2

    Kevin Ford 1/4

    Pastor Seneker 1/4

    Barb Bakkom 1/7

    Joshua Gray 1/7

    Oliver Nichols 1/7

    (Older, Wiser, Lutheran, Seniors)

    10:00 10:30 11:30 12:30 January OWL Birthdays Gene Haar Jan 21st Bill Buelow Jan 27th January OWL Anniversaries (none)

    Everyone is welcome to attend. For information or if you would like to make a lunch reservation, please call David or Susan Kroft at 512-773-0383 or 512-773-0384.

    Support Group will meet Monday, January 6th @ 6:00, in the library.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in any OWLS activity in 2019. We had lots of fun together in numerous ways. Plan to join us this year for more activities, not just our monthly meetings. Everyone is invited to any activity planned by OWLS. REMINDER: There is no regular OWLS meeting in January. Our next meeting will be February 4th beginning at 10:00 with blood pressure checks. Our proposed speaker will be a representative from Chattanooga Kitchen.


    Pastor Anderson!!!

  • “Pastor, is Christmas the high point of the Christian year?”

    To observe Christians today you would think that Christmas must be the ‘'end all and the be all” of our faith life. But we need

    to think about the span of our Christian year before we jump to a final conclusion. To do this we need to think about our weekly worship practices.

    Early Christians with good wisdom determined that Advent serves to move us toward a “new beginning”, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We Lutheran Protestants generally follow a 3-year lectionary, meaning throughout the entire year, our Gospel readings are from either Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Readings from the Gospel according to John are then included to fill in, especially in the year of Mark. This offers a congregation a 3-year recurring repeat of Readings covering the full life of Jesus as presented in the Gospels.

    Christmas is one high point of the scriptures but Easter is the peak, the greatest emphasis, of God’s good news. If you examine the Gospels you quickly see that more is written about Jesus’ crucifixion than any other aspect of his life. If we are honest with ourselves it is the death of Jesus that offers life to us. His resurrection opens the door for us to come into his kingdom.

    The Readings each Sunday are not just about the birth and death of Jesus. We find him teaching, healing, guiding, showing us God, and offering us life in him. The Readings used regularly have come down to us through a long historic process. Changes have been made and non-historic Readings are included throughout the Church year. The goal was and is to offer a planned selection of Scripture that covers many of the important themes of the Bible.

    So, yes, both Christmas and Easter are highly significant for all Christians and I will place Easter as the most important for my faith emphasis, but it is not a contest. The emphasis each Sunday is of greatest importance to our faith life with Christ. We worship Him in his entirety, all of him. The baby is no greater than the tired, dusty man who pushed his disciples to trust God when God seemed distant, just as he pushes us, and when we can go no further, we find him carrying us along, if we but open our eyes.

    Pastor Clay Seneker

    Herb Burhenn’s Sunday School class will resume on

    January 5 and read some selections


    Teresa of


    the 16th



    mystic and




    Monday & Wednesday 9:00 – 2:00 pm Ages 2 – 5-years-old

    $140 per month ($40 registration fee)

    Facebook@ TLC Learning Center

    Parent’s-Day-Out Program

    Shannon @ 423.619.6715

  • Katy Allison Bruce & Amy Annear (Fran Balsis) Lynn Ayers (Cree Giesel) Scott Baily (Fran Balsis) Alice Barnett Colin Bakse (Sondra Hart) Bonnie Bean (James Craig) Theresa Bowman Josie Boyd Sandy Buelow Joda Byous Martha Caldwell Gene & Laura Cline Lorna Conard (Pat Conard) Lynda Cosgrove (Fran Balsis) Jamie Craven (Fran Balsis) Joyce Davis

    Anna-Lisa Detre (Peucker) Linda Draeger Ernie Engel (former member) Paul & Ruby Giesel (David Giesel) Barbara Haar James Horrell (Kim Hencke) Gary Hayde Ingrid Ives MaryAnn Jackson Hope Kimble (David Combs) Rebecca Krause Andy Kunz (Sharon Will) Larry Lee (Penticuff family) Bob Lewis (former member) Mary Manning (Cree Giesel) Sherry McKinney (Fran Balsis) Art Minninger

    Barbara Montgomery Simon Moss (Nichols family) Elfie Owen Frank Patterson (Sharon Will) Linda Peucker Denise Re (Kim White) Apryl Reno (Carol Bell) Elaine Schoeller Ida Seneker Karen Smith Pat Stonecipher (Joyce Davis) Betty & (son) Jeffrey Stuckert Perry Sullivan (Jackson family) Maureen Turner (Carol Bell) Troy Varner (Jodi Doss) Keyara White (David Combs) Kim White Michael Will (Sharon Will)

    John Matthew Gray, Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy – son of John & Diane Gray Ryan Morgan, Marines - great nephew of Carol & Herb Burhenn

    S/ Sgt. Dillon O. Cole - grandson of Jim Cole Ryan Lynch, USAF Reserve - grandson of Carol Bell

    Matthew K. Lynch, USMC Reserve - grandson of Carol Bell PV2 Barrett Brown - Tacy Gorton’s grandson

    Major Raymond Myers - former member of Trinity Sam Thompson, USMC - nephew of Diana Kreider

    Harris Looney, US Navy, friend of Diana Kreider Chase Moss and Maxwell Baldridge—nephews of Beth Painter

    Sgt. James Cole, Jr., Marines—grandson of Jim Cole Colonel Richard “Cary” Amburn— Abby & Sam Sosebee’s uncle

    Tonya Josephine Morgan , Army—niece of Carol & Herb Burhenn

  • “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” is a new section in Glad Tidings for Trinity. Each month, I will ask a member questions and we will listen to their answers. In an effort to know each other in a more personal way, we may feature ONE ADULT member and ONE CHILD member (depending on response) in every newsletter. Please check your email, occasionally , to see if you have been randomly selected. OR complete the form found in the Sun Porch area. — Thank you

    1. Tell a little about you and your life. I grew up in

    Virginia and joined the Navy after high school. After my

    tour, I went to school in Richmond VA and started to

    work there for a major railroad, spending most of my

    career as an auditor. My work took me to Huntington

    WV, Baltimore MD, and Jacksonville FL, where I retired.

    2. Who inspires you? My deceased wife.

    3. Favorite place in the world? Europe & Grand


    4. Favorite book (other than bible)? Thunder Dog

    5. What are you passionate about? My Family

    6. Do you perform volunteer work? Where and why? I am on the Hospitality

    Committee, Friday Work Crew, and part of the planning group for OWLS. I am also an

    alternate on the current Call Committee.

    7. What are you currently watching on Netflix/TV? I don’t watch much TV, but I like

    Flipping Houses.

    8. Do you