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  • 1. GHOST SHELLIN THE UX for the future web

2. In 1990, a team of experts was assembled with the task of figuring out how to mark a dangerous nuclear site for over 10,000 years 3. How can we even think about communication over thousands of years? 4. Its hard enough to make communication last even one year. 5. Within ten years, the way we communicate will likely have completely changed 6. Hardware will start to disappear by 2025, as we will no longer need to carry a bunch of technology with us. Instead, whether via biometrics or wearable devices, we will interact with common appliances proximate to us at all times. [in 2025] Verbal interaction will be commonplace. We will talk to devices in essentially the same way we talk to other people. Yes, you will be permanently connected to the network via wearable devices. You will interact with these devices mostly by voice, as you would interact with another person. HAL VARIAN, CHIEF ECONOMIST, GOOGLE BRAD BERENS, RESEARCH FELLOW, USC ANNENBERG CENTER FOR THE DIGITAL FUTURE Anderson, Jana, and Lee Raine. "The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025." . (accessed July 20, 2014). 7. Disruption will only accelerate. The quantity and diversity of connected devicesmany of which we haven't imagined yetwill explode, as will the quantity and diversity of the people around the world who use them. Our existing standards, workflows, and infrastructure won't hold up. Today's onslaught of devices is already pushing them to the breaking point. They can't withstand what's ahead. FUTURE FRIENDLY WEB MANIFESTO "Future Friendly Web Manifesto." . (accessed July 24, 2014). 8. From archaeology to science fiction, this session will explore key ways to make lasting communication, and how to apply those strategies to your business 9. Ryan Struhl is a UI developer with over 5 years experience building web applications for companies including the Wall Street Journal, Lysol, Titleist, Hologic, and Novartis.