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  • Getting Started with Linux Administration

  • What will you learn today?

    Why you should learn Linux?

    Roles & Responsibilities of a Linux Administrator

    Installation and Upgradation in Linux

    Storage Migration using LVM

    User Administration in Linux

  • Why Linux?

    Multiple Distributions

    Very Easy To Learn and Use

    Very Secured

    Freely Available

    Fast and Effective

    Virus Free

  • Roles & Responsibilities

    Installation & Upgradation


    Application support

    Storage migrations

    User Administration

    Installation and configuring servers/services

    Backup & Restore


    Network Engineer

    Linux Admin System Engineer

    Application support

    Support Engineer

    Software Engineer

  • Installation & Upgradation

    Performing manual & network based installations

    VMWare installations

    Implementation OS upgradation by performing

    necessary tests

    Writing and implementing necessary pre & post

    install scripts as a part of installation

  • Installation

    Power on your computer system.

    Go to BIOS setup and change your first boot device to CD/DVD

    Insert the CentOS CD/DVD disk into your computer

    Follow steps from the installation guide in LMS.

    For installing as a VM, install Virtual manager software for your OS.

    Start VM and select CentOS as guest OS.

    Insert the CentOS CD/DVD disk into your computer

    Follow steps from the installation guide in LMS.



  • RPM Package Manager

    RPM provides complete software packaging features, including pre-and post-install scripts, dependencies, meta

    information, and an installed software database

    The database of all installed software maintained on the machine comes in handy for tracking and updating,

    dependency verification, and software management

    RPM format Packagename.version.release.architect.rpm


  • RPM Package Manager (Contd.)

    RPM Features :

    Provides package management:


    Remove or Uninstall




    Automatically verifies packages using GPG, MD5, SHA1SUMs

    Automatically reports on unresolved dependencies

  • Patching

    Deploying patches in test, monitor and deploy to production

    $ patch < patch.file $ patch source.code.file < patch.file $ patch -p LEVEL < {/path/to/patch/file}

    Documentation Bug fixes


    How to Apply a Patch?

  • Application Support

    Perform system/application installation

    Perform system/service problem

    management and troubleshooting

    Execute system/service configuration management

  • Application Support

    Participate in ticket support for internal teams and

    external vendors by troubleshooting customer issues in

    Production, Pre-Production and Customer test


    Track day to day incidents and issues using special

    monitoring tools

  • Storage Migrations

    Migrating LVM partitions

    One of the excellent feature, where we can migrate the logical volumes to a new disk without the data-loss and downtime.

    Map networks

    Nagios/Nagvis, Mila_Ajax_Map, Safe Mapping and Reporting Tool (SMART), Network Scaner, NMap Console

  • Storage Migrations

    Check file system layout


    virtual layer between physical disk and application

  • User Administration

    Creating / Using groups

    Managing user accounts

    Automation if needed

  • User Administration

    User Administration

    To manage users via command line, the following commands are used





    The user configuration files are stored in two files



  • User Administration cat command (Contd.)

    Adding a New User Account

    Syntax: useradd [options] username

    Command: useradd edureka1

    To set password for a specific user

    Syntax: passwd username

    Command: passwd edureka1

    passwd without argument defaultsto change the password of thecurrently logged-in user

  • User Administration - Modifying Accounts

    Modifying / Deleting User Accounts

    Usermod command is used to edit/modify ordelete user accounts

    syntax: usermod [options] username

    To change users home directory

    Command: usermod -d /home/edureka3edureka3

    The usermod -d option changed the usershome directory from /tmp/edureka3 to/home/edureka3

  • User Administration Sudo users

    Sudo user

    Sudo allows a permitted user to execute a command as the superuser or another user as specified by the security policy

  • User Administration Sudo users (Contd.)

    Sudo user

    visudo command edits /etc/sudoers file in

    a safe fashion, locking the file from making

    simultaneous edits

  • User Administration - Setting ACL

    Access Control Lists (ACLs)

    Setting ACL

    Command: setfacl -m u:edureka:rw linux.txt

    Assigned read and write permission to useredureka

  • User Administration - Remove Permissions

    Access Control Lists (ACLs)

    Remove permissions for the user

    Command: setfacl -x u:joial linux.txt

  • Configuring Services

    Manage high availability and high traffic servers

    Maintain the performance, security, consistency, backup and availability of servers

    Server Administration

    Working on open source software

    Proactive Server Monitoring

    Writing Scripts for Systems management & automation

    Ticket handling

  • Course Details

    Become an expert in Linux Administration

    Go to

    Edureka's Linux Administration course:

    This course is designed to shape you as a Linux professional & help you to run applications, perform desired functions on your system and networks, create a network configuration, and maintain security administration.

    You will work on a Project which involves performing some of the day-to-day activities you would need to do as a Linux administrator.

    Online Live Courses: 42 hours Assignments: 25 hours Project: 20 hours Lifetime Access + 24 X 7 Support

  • Thank You


    Recording and presentation will be made available to you within 24 hours


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