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  • Gas WeldingMMA Welding MIG/MAG WeldingTIG WeldingInternational Welding Specialist International Welding Inspector Comprehensive (C)International Welding Inspector Standard (S)International Welding Inspector Basic (B)International Welding Technologist International Welding EngineerInternational Fillet WelderInternational Plate WelderInternational Tube WelderInternational Welding Practitioner

  • The education and training program for the International Welder consists of three Modules A to C which provide basic theoretical knowledge in welding of unalloyed steel and correspond to the three levels of skill. Special requirements for each welding process are given in the Modules S. Special requirements per material (group) are described in Modules P.Modular Structureof the International Welder Guideline

  • Theoretical Education

    Module AInternational Fillet WelderIFWA.1Using electricity for arc weldingA.2Welding equipment A.3Health and safetyA.4Safe working in the fabrication shopA.5Welding consumablesA.6Welding practice (1) A.7Welding practice (2) A.8Methods of joint preparation for weldingA.9Qualification of welders

  • Module BInternational Plate WelderIPWB.1Introduction to steel B.2Welding joints in platesB.3Weldability of steelsB.4Shrinkage, residual stress, distortion B.5Weld imperfectionsB.6Overview of fusion welding processes B.7Safe working on site B.8Inspection and testingB.9Quality Assurance in welding (QA)

  • Module CInternational Tube WelderITWC.1Weldes joints in pipesC.2Materials other than unalloyed steelC.3Review and consequences of failures C.4International Welding Standards

  • Module STSupplementary theoretical education for TIG welding (141)ST.1Construction and maintenance of TIG welding equipment & typical parameters ST.2Welding consumablesST.3Health and safety

    Module SMSupplementary theoretical education for MIG/MAG welding (13)SM. 1Construction and maintenance of MIG/MAG welding equipment & typical parameters SM.2Welding consumablesSM.3Health and safety SM.4MIG/MAG welding characteristics and typical parameters

  • Modules P, dedicated to one specific material (group)

    Module PSSSupplementary theoretical education for Stainless SteelPSS. 1Basics of stainless steel, welding processes and health aspectsPSS.2Weldability, welded joints and distorsion of stainless steelPSS.3Welding consumables for stainless steel PSS.4Corrosion, post weld treatment

    Module PALSupplementary theoretical education for AluminiumPAL. 1Basics of aluminium, welding processes and health aspectsPAL.2Weldability and welding techniquePAL.3Welding consumables for aluminiumPAL.4Welding joints and distorsion in aluminium

  • Process 111 (MMA welding) for ferritic and stainless steel (Modules E 1 to E 6)

    Process 135 and 136 (MAG welding) for ferritic and stainless steel(Modules M 1 to M 6)

    Process 141 (TIG welding) for ferritic and stainless steel(Modules T 1 to T 6)

    Process 311 (Gas welding) for ferritic steel(Modules G 3 to G 6)Practical Training and Tests



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