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Keynote from Dr. James Canton, CEO Institute for Global Futures on the future of innovation, technology and agility. For more see www.FutureGuru.com


The Real-Time Enterprise and Competitive Advantage

Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman GlobalFuturist.com

Key Themes

Innovation future trends Business agility State & future of economy How to thrive in turbulence Real-Time competitive advantage

Institute for Global Futures

We Forecast Future Trends Keynotes, Consulting, Reports

Are you Future-Ready What is your Vision?

Worldwide Clients

Extreme Future is Now

Accelerated Change Fantastic Disruptions

Extreme Future: More Risk More Opportunity

Future of Business: From Crisis to Agility

Current state Honest analysis Enable customers Positive future vision Redefine value Invest in innovation

Future-Ready? Are You Prepared

Business Agility is: Velocity & Smart Action that

Creates Value

Business Agility: Three Strategies

Anticipatory SensingPredictive Awareness Intelligent & Fast Response to Change

Business Agility

Smart Action: Move from Possibility to Opportunity

Business Agility Domains

Mindset Leadership Organization Culture

Global Population Rises

Global Population has Doubled Over the Past 45 Years

Huge Global Market 2020

8 Billion Customers: Over 150 Nations

Huge Emerging Markets

Will you be Future-Ready?

Key Themes

This is the Early Stage of Global Innovation Economy

Innovations Will Come Faster

Get Ready: Fast Radical Innovation

Disruptions Will Cut Deeper

Future Innovations will Drive Competitive Advantage

CERN: Era of Extreme Change

The Extreme Future

Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman Futureguru.com

Key Biz Driver: Innovation Darwinism

Innovate, Adapt Or Die

Competitive Advantage: From Vision to Execution

Innovation: Key Driver of Global GDP

Future Innovation Landscape

Global Innovation Economy

New Economic Definition Fusion Business/Tech Top Business Driver

Total Global Innovation Investment Market Forecast: 1 Trillion 2005--2015

Innovation Ecosystem Running Out of Oil?

Define Innovation

Ideas that create value:

Solutions Growth Efficiency Profit

Innovation Mindset

Courage to create Collaboration OK to experiment Break the rules

Innovation Empowers Customers

Edge Cultures: Innovation Hubs

Fast Changing Tech Landscape

Web 2.0 Internet 2 Wireless Geospatial Semantic Digital Lifestyle

New Chips: Mems, Biometric, RFID, GPS, FPGA

Whats the Sound of Ten Billion Chips Talking in Real-Time?

IT Future Trends: Embedded Intelligence Everywhere

Distributed Artificial Intelligence Mission Critical Decision Enhancement Autonomous Agent Hives, Swarms, Colonies

New Chips: Nano, Quantum, Photon

Future Computers will Evolve


Quantum Computing

Robots & Humans: Co-Evolution


Robots & Humans: Co-Evolution


Future Computers: Biomemetic

The Quantum Future

Storage Communications Encryption Human Enhancement Manipulation Time-Space

Imagine the Possibilities: AI & Rules

Digital Cash

Imagine the Possibilities

Brave New Internet

Deep Collaboration Intuitive Self-Learning Self-Organizing Singularity?

100 billion Euros:10 Year Global Innovation Investment Forecast

Enhancement of HumanPerformance

Forecast: Web 2.0-3.0 Transforms Biz

Internet 3: The Collaborative Web

Key Themes

NextGen: The Collaborative Web

Key Themes

Holistic Agile Biz Architecture

GPS, DNA, Robotics Mashup

The NanoTech Changes Everything: Wealth, Power, Society and Business

Energy Communications Smart Materials Agriculture Transportation Computing NanoBiology

DNA Computi ng

Personalized Medicine: NanoBio

Conquering Disease at the Atomic Scale: Designed Care

From InSilico Biology, to Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular NanoBiology

The Evolution of Applied NanoMedicine


By 2010, The Nanotechnology Market is Forecasted at 1 Trillion US Dollars

National Science Foundation

Nanotech: Smarter, Smaller Communications Products

Molecular Engines: Self-Assembly

Molecular Engines of Creation

Define Innovation

Ideas that create value:

Speed Growth Efficiency Agility

Bucky Balls: Manufacturing Revolution

Summary Future Smart--Be a future innovation leadermost powerful competitive advantage

Empower Customers Agility---Anticipate and React with Velocity and New Meaning

Refresh Models and Strategy Rethink Products/Services for new competitive advantage, value differentiators