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  • 1. Knighthawk Government Organization TF KnighthawkHave questions or concerns? Be sureto contact your FRG Leader or FRSA. FRSA FlashHHC September 28, 2012Jennifer Cannon 9/29 - Meet the Author: Hope Marston - McEwen LibraryAlphaDeathstalker 9/29 - Skate Jam - Youth CenterCarole Barlow 10/1-14 - Clothing Give-Away Drop-Off ACS 10/1-2 - 1BCT DONSABecky Blanchard 10/1 Homemade Christmas Group ACSC/CoWarlords 10/2 English For Speakers of Other Languages ACS 10/3 BOSS 5K Fun Run Magrath Sports ComplexCasey Greene 10/3 - OPSEC Safety for Families 10:30AM-12PM - ACS 10/4 Employment 101 ACSHeidi Woerheide 10/5 - DIVISION DONSAD/CoDragonhawk 10/5 Couponing Class ACS 10/5 - In Her Shoes: Living With Domestic Violence ACSShaunna Fitzpatrick 10/8 - COLUMBUS DAY/DIVISION DONSA 10/9 - EFMP Support Group ACSKimberly Perez 10/9 - Key Caller Class ACSE/Co Knight Rider 10/9 - Build Your Own Business ACS 10/12 - Veterans Information Day Dulles State Office Build-Sterling Reep ingF/ CoFirehawk 10/12 Chick Flick Movie Night BOSS 10/12 Paint Your Pumpkin Contest McEwen LibraryJamie Sampsel 10/13 2012 Volleyball Tournament - Sports 10/13 High School Dance Youth CenterWendy Everett 10/13 - Im Alone Youth Training - School Age CenterF/CoPathfinder 10/15 New Youth Center Soft Opening Youth Center 10/19 Teen Gaming Tournament Youth CenterAna Hume 10/19 BOSS Movie Night BOSSChristina Perdue 10/19 - Coping with Deployment Class - USO 10/20 Reading With Animals McEwen LibraryAdvisors 10/25 BOSS Halo Fright Night Gaming Tournament BOSS 10/26 EFMP Halloween Party Army Community ServiceRebecca Braman 10/26 - Daytreat 9:30AM-3PM - Po Valley ChapelJessica Chilson 10/26 - Haunted Hayride - Remington Park 10/27 - 2BCT Haunted HotelNash Blvd. Guest HouseFamily Readiness Support 10/27 Teen Karaoke Contest Youth Center 10/31 BOSS Zombie 5K Fun Run Remington ParkAssistantKelley Arnold315-774-1373
  • 2. Upcoming Task Force Events:OBSTACLES: There are a couple different ways to pay for the event. A check1. Mudd Hill - A huge mound of dirt soaked in water can be written, payable to CPT Martinez (Fernando Martinez) or2.Face in the Mud - obstacle set up with stakes and 550 us can pay cash. CPT Meier will be in the office all next week ifchord to set up a low crawl you want to drop off your money, or they can bring their money the day of the event. We will have a table set up for registation.3.Sand Trap a pit of sand runners will bearcrawl across4.Slippery Slalom - runners will have to go up and down CPT Meier would ask anyone who is planning to participate to through a drainage ditch send him an email (information is on the above flyer), or give5.Mud Marsh - this drainage ditch will be filled with a him a call so you can by added to the list and a T-Shirts can beshallow pool of water set aside. CPT Meier would like to receive the entry form prior6.The Web - Netting is staked down, forcing the to the 29th.participants to crawl under/through TF 2-10 KNIGHTHAWK Presents THE ROUGH MUDDER Children may participate in this run, Who: Soldiers and their Families for every child participating a con- When: 29 September 2012 @ 0900 AM sent form MUST be filled out. What: A 5k Obstacle Run (think youre tough?) Where: TF 2-10 Knighthawk Hangar PRICE: Why: To have fun and get muddy! Per person: $10 Bring your families, activities for all ages! Or just Family of 3+: $25 come on your own! 5k Run with mud/water obstacles to test your toughness. You will get muddy and dirty. This is an off-road course, no pets! $10 Entry Fee All money goes to support the Soldiers! $10 for a Rough Mudder T-shirt. First 150 guaranteed a T-shirt. Please Contact CPT John Meier for entry form and any additional information. 315-774-1313
  • 3. Upcoming Task Force Events:More information and flyers coming soon for all events! If you have any question please contact your FRG Leader or TFKnighthawk FRSA, Kelley Arnold, at 315-774-1373.JRTC Town Hall Meeting TF Knighthawk Org. DayLocation: MPA Location: TF Knighthawk HangarDate: 9Oct 2012 Date: 18Oct 2012Time: 1000-Noon, 6:00pm8:00pm More information to follow
  • 4. Where do I go.. When I need Support? With so many resources out there, sometimes its confusing to know where to start. Heres an illustration that might offer some guidance in those times of confusion. Imagine that you are going to the tool store in need of a tool or tools to build your support structure. You walk through the doors and are greeted byThe Representative at the Door This is typically the first person that you see when youenter a store for help. They have a good general idea of where all of the tools are and canpoint you in the right direction. This person would be a good starting point in your searchfor tools that you need to build your support structure. This person is like your (FamilyReadiness Group) FRG Leader. The Customer Service Agent But sometimes the tools that you will need are so specific that it stumps that Sales Person. So, they would typically send you to the Customer Service Agent who typically knows the store in a little more detail and who would be able to give you very specific guidance. This person is your (Family Readiness Support Assistant) FRSA.The Specialist Once you know where to go to find the tools, there are timeswhen you realize that you might need to talk with someone who can hear theproblem and give you specific advice on which tools youll need, how to build yoursupport structure, and whether or not it is a project that is realistically manageable.This person is your (Military Family Life Consultant) MFLC.The Contractor There are times when the specialist recommends that you get witha contractor because the project is too big. The contractor is Behavioral Health. The Trusted Friend Sometimes when we approach projects that are big and unfamiliar we can find comfort in bringing along a trusted friend who has proven themselves to be supportive and knowledgeable in these difficult times so that we dont have to embrace them alone. In the absence of a trusted friend, the Chaplain is a good person to bring along.Knighthawk FRSA: Kelley Arnold, Phone: 315-774-1373 Email: kelley.m.arnold2.civ@mail.milMFLC: Joan Upole, Phone: 315-212-6919, Email: mflc.ftdrum.av@gmail.comKnighthawk Chaplain: CH (CPT) Daniel Werho, Phone: 315-405-6810 Email:
  • 5. A power outage has been scheduled for 29 September 2012, starting at 5 am and will continue until 6 pm. Theoutage will take place close to the intersection of South Riva Ridge and Nancy Drive and at the intersection ofChapel Drive and South Riva R