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A short history of cloud computing, and why Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an important aspect of this technology. Presented at bcs Oxfordshire, February 2014


  • 1.From Cloud Computing to Platform as a ServiceAndy Piper @andypiper (MBCS CITP)

2. HelloIm Andy 3. This morning! Reminded by my cloud-native Little Printer 4. Developer Advocate @ Cloud Foundry !maker, hacker, educator, LEGO fan podcaster, writer Open Source contributor Eclipse Project Lead (Paho / MQTT) !excited by whats next, Internet of Things, etc.a few things about me 5. My background 6. Todays topic: Cloud! 7. So what do we know about The Cloud? 8. 29% an actual cloud 51% believe affected by weather 54% say they never use (but 95% turn out to do so) 20% pretend to know ... 16% know it means computer services 68% say its good, when explained...What the heck is The Cloud?Citrix study (1,006 person survey) 9. 1. Cloud, and how we got here 2. Platform as a Service? 3. Why Open Source will rule the Cloud 10. How did we get here? 11. 1stMAINFRAME 3rdCLOUDAutomation of financial accountsISAM2ndCLIENT-SERVER & WEBAutomation of most paper processes: ERP, CRM, Email, pioneered by new Consumer Internet giants requires a new Application FabricNew Data-fabricsMainframesc. 1960s-1980New Experiences New Biz ModelsRelational Databases Minis & PCsc. 1980s-2000sEras of ComputingCloud-Enabled Datacentermid-2000s now 12. Gmail, Salesforce, Flickr, Google Docs...SoftwareGoogle AppEngine, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, EngineYard, OpenShift, Azure, Apprenda...PlatformInfrastructure3 layersAmazon EC2, Google CE, OpenStack, vSphere, Rackspace, Cloud Stack, Eucalyptus...IaaS, PaaS, SaaS 13. They brought the virtualised infrastructureInfrastructure as a Service = the new hardware 14. Infrastructure Clouds - consumer web companies built out according to their own needs to support Software 15. They brought the APIs and data (aka MBaaS)APIs - mashups, data, agility 16. But - still need to build & manage Platform 17. They brought the rapid developmentpush myapp -> running 18. They brought the business challengedata leads to advantage 19. Characteristics of the Cloud vast scaledecreasing costagility of delivery (even at scale)rapid data analysis and iteration (big data)innovation 20. To succeed where those guys have? Platform 21. Characteristics of PaaS Applications and Services (data) are kingsOpinionated!De-emphasised infrastructure / hardware (VM, kernel, disk, network etc)An operating system for IaaS 22. Rumours of the demise of PaaS are greatly exaggerated 23. Why Open wins 24. From: torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FI Newsgroups: comp.os.minix Date: 25 Aug 91 20:57:08 GMT Organization: University of Helsinki1991 An important year in softwareHello everybody out there using minix !Im doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, wont be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. 25. 21+ years later: Linux has won 26. #P0WN ALL TEH GADGETZ !Linux runs everywhere(even old versions, on crashy airline entertainment systems...) 27. It runs on Windows Azure!Jun 2012, w. Canonical 28. Linux is ubiquitous (but often invisible) 29. It works. 30. No single language to rule them all 31. Data gets bigger(and faster, and needs analysis, and SCIENCE) 32. Composability is key 33. An Operating System for the Open CloudMulti-IaaS, Multi-Framework, extensible 34. Open & public from the startCode all on Github 35. Infrastructure ! Clouds (CPI)Runtimes and ! FrameworksAll about ChoiceData Services and APIscomposability is key 36. The 2014 Cloud Forecast? 37. more developers building !more awesome apps & services in the OPEN 38. Connect 39. Image credits ! Happy Tux Signpost open road lego world MOC Other images are authors own, or royalty-free and CC-licensed works from Wikimedia Commons