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MONTROSE VOICE r~ NEW~ 'AP " )F MONTRCcSE L cr: mu iv p, lm111 er: ... FRIDAY July 14. 19890 SSUE 455


We're working to bring you a real


The Montrose Voice.

11;; :?g~~.fa~s 1~:~:.;:~~ter' officially opened Thf' ,,fv round m thr ~h , 1ppi Hinr '"''", d ~huc11tm. fo .. -a. pop Zl.OOU1 pa...d a JlllY ril{htA urdi nanct>Jt }' 6 y af J ult

:-; .. gaya rJ ... bian bbir.Jforth 1r Ln 1n t-d by th c11y1 Hu nan Highttl' mn; ui n. Theto,.n hu Dl(nyorl(nrltnti nortn'!O!'lml( ,.

Thf' ordm ntt n duaimm lion n 111111.rm, ~m .. nt.n"1it nd t! fftr. If ,.f_., ... ..,11. It "ii: hkl" rffKtJuJ..v ;;?Oun lee~ ~tayor llun IA'~lll' 'nurcedn1w1th11 \'l"lll

I """lly d,.n't kn""' "'hat J"m l(c I( ,,,.Jo, L1-~lllr1&1d11fltrth1\'n\o;

I ro11lri ~Ll(ll It toltlnfl'o"' but I'll pv hl)' w111tth.- .. hol1 l4da)to g1vfthepublichm1\ocommt'nt"

J,.:\lara11idhdidn'tknnw1fany homuow1unl" had l .... n pnMtnt

d11nnl( tht munti:I db111t1unt'i' th~ dun! Hnr n b11d111hk1hlui-k~.

hi~1uu1icsum!othr minontu-1' A1cordmJ tu It um an R111ht11 Cum

mi1r yo11thorl(8ml1&twncould b: forcffi Whitt a JWl"'>n "ho pr .. 1ices11.ndpromut ... hnm1dismorpro1ti tullonw ... ork .. ithchildr .. n'

liut Laur11.llulli I J(l'T fth .. til man R1gh~ Commi .... i1 1a1d S:olfo,mm .. nt11d1Mtr to rrt'1J1cthi11('cntt>z:'

Debra llanburK.' repn_.. 11tntatin- "I wi11h wt could havl' don1 0.:111r m Au11tm; ut leatit tlou~ton Mtm to bt mo"inll in th1 ~ar llKainat thi11 awful di11

,,.,(,. ,ltan Moort. prt> with AlllS thl' Krtak'st ]nw and th betitc'lrethatmancunul fei'

Caroi)n Ft1rb. fundri111tnr .. !iwiouMormornl

ho urdi 1n11 ""'""d

House cuts art funds in protest Bv ROllERT SllEl'ARD

WAS!IJ:'>O(:TO:\ tl'l'l1 Th hudl{et for the Nelional EndowmNlt for the Arl-8 Wt'op f;)(J thfre 1811. turnoff fr.,m Wo1xi"ll\' with a small fountain out front chat u11ually do(11n'1 work any mort'. Takt'thatturn

lnsidt there ia a piKOvery ofthevariou11111>ede1.

The facihtin are open lil'ven days a wttk from 9:00 a.m to:>:OO p.m. The treil1 cl.- at 8:00 p.m Both in1ide and ouLtiide areaa have frtt adm111111ion_ The rule1 are simple--no food. jogging. bi cycles. or unleaahed ptta.

Operanon of the Arborelum it conducted by the non-profit Hou. ton Arboretum and Botanical So-ciety_ Taxdeductible member1hip inthe80cietyi11av11.ilableandm c\udH newsletter aubscript ion, gift shop di1i;h1b1tll, upponfnlll ol thf cundum or t1la.mur1.teabort1n

The cumm11\ee ,.-rapped up thl'ffda~-fpublichearinl!'.n a .-anNy of tt-xtbookH that will be mtrodut-t'd in the !~~YI 1>ehrn> .nar Tht>tatt'lchool hu11.rd wilt makt'a finaldN'111innm/\onm btron whil'h book>< to buy

Form1r I>allaH 11Ch1K1ltearh1'r llonnattlumt-rtoldthXa11

Human lifei1111um1;thmK1

,3ln ]ilcmoru @f ... Now it's Trash Congress & the Foley Fallout John Tyl Brolfff

JonnTy1erBr1ster.1hlmmakerrw:I arts educator wn01e an.mated mOYH wonaw1ras111n1C1nrie1F1lmFnt val . hHd1d1ttrie1g1ot38

Broste1d18lt' Democr~t. wh~ could stand voved by hos parents Menzette and Man to gam from Wright s departurt Donahue o! Wolmmgton. N C his Coming in the aame week 8Ji brolhM and 11Ster1n law Cha'1el and dozens of glowing reporta about Mary Donahue 01 Ta11anas-. Fl.. and the widely popular Foll'y. there manyfriendS,nHoustonandWUhmg was little doub1 who the rumo"' ton. DC were about. but no one Willi goinl(

D11e, a gr1duat11 of the Un1versoty ol to go on record about it. Openly NC It Chappel Holl , NC. Wlha mas- l(ay Rep Barney frank 1DMat111.I ters degrae in lndustrill Managemenl expressed unbridled outragl' that moved to Houstc

GLPC votes to add 'supporters' to mailing list The He \llltOll Gt,yand Le1t11an Pol' cal C.UCU.votedW~ .. hUy L. to add "oommurut,y suppart.ere~ bllnd~byurutatapart. ment oom~ knotJn to have a high oonoantrat1.on d P3 rwl1 .... 1-lllO-!-l-PRIDt:

The Montrose


~ ~i: :"':ug: c.-= :::;~':;.~~.,~:'!: offer the most sophisticated

~~~"Zn~ =..,ior:::: tanning beds in the U.S.A. )IOUtpertliet~olU'A.-.:!UVB~

enllt>lingyaullgttltl.ltnehdarktan LlRfj~ )IOU' ... ~-'*' So)IOU',.pigll *' pi..., 19911wrr.gbed

Open 7 Days a Week 3701 Montrose call today 529-5100

'Beehive' opening to benefit Bering Foundation The Bering Communtt,y Bervkle R&ndolph'1ohn&on dJrecta the Foundat1on and. &aeea Repertory show. w1th mwdca1 d1nlct1on by 'l' have annowKJ9CI. an open Len RbOOes and choreogr&pbyby lng n1ght benefl.t. performanoe of Oien Hunsuckel' the 60'1 rock mU8lo&I review eee- T1cket. levele for the benetl.t. are htve!' prooeeds of which wUl go to UndeI"Yll1ters '500, SponsoNI thefound&t1on'eprogr&1n9forpeo. 1100 &nd.F'Mende '50. All 1.nclude pie w1th AID6. The benat'l.t. will tn elude the opening of the show, which wW pll!V' a ftve week run at Stages from Aug 6to8ept.. 2,apr&-

" ahowreoept.1onandJ)08t.-Showe&Bt ~and r&t!le The Berlng Faun

the pre-shaw reoepUon. spon sored by Garden Properues Jnc and Say Cheese. UndeI'WI'iter and Sponaor ticket.a lnclude adm1aaton to the cast p&rcy underwrtwm by

"'''"" =~~~~~=~m::~ The p~ ~pUon wUl oouneellng oenter and support:=~~~~~ groups time at 6c00 p.m.. The Gast. Parcy

Carolyn Parb, known as the beg1ns at 10:00 p.m. at LePeep on fowldation'e l\l&l'di Westhelmer. Rame prizeB

:W~~=:': Qontrose ] !:1: ... :=:S:: cha1rl are Dora and ei&Jibor Inn on the Parlr. and ~::~abB:r:; :: hood 8tAe8 eeaaon tJcket& Oray,accorcUng to lventl -Art LeaCue Randall Hodde. execu- Artwork by students or Uve cllrector of the the Art League of Hau&-foundatlon. ton,thecll;y'eoldeeta.rtlstsupport

"Beeh!ve" premiered. 1n 1986 at or~n. w1l.l be on cllsplay 1n the vwa,g8 Gate In Manhattan's theArtl..eagueOallery,1963Mon Oreenw1chVlll&gearul.had.aw11.dly trose&vd.,!romJuly20to8ept..2

=:n~~n:at~'. !c"::of~=:= pe.lnUngs, 6CUlptUre&, drawtngs,

Thi' ca111 of B~>1>h1c.- a n11.111u:al tribute to the 6Q"1 Girl Group wund, u11/ perform an f/{lf'n'e. relt1J1;ing.e-clu11ion. The San Francisro Shanti Project offers 1everal weekend re-treata a year for people with AIDS end ARC at Wildwood

mmlf. dantml( and makmlf new friend11mth1heartoftht-l'alifornia redwoodll

-City for lovers

loolr.edcute Tothewet11oftheNotreOameex

tend the me1111ive Luuvre. whOlle farendmer1ea:,.1ththell'f"l'nofthe Tuilleres.Gaytry11ingha.been10-ingonintheparlr.fordecede. .. the path1 and bul!hea warm with men on the prowl. Ofc.iur11e. there are themoreronventionalandconven ientplacetltomeetthelocal11.1uch a11atoneofthenumt'rouaba11111nd danceclub.11preadthroughoutl'er ill. UnlikethegayghettotinmOMt American citiea:. gay1potacan be foundal!aroundParia.Oneofthe gaytrave\guide&willl(etyouonthe right track. For 1w1mminK buffe. tht'indoorpoolattht'LeHallMet roatopisapetplacel.oexercille and med the local mt'n On a ,.ann day. the floating pool on the ~ne anchoredac:roaafromlheLuuvreia aplace1.otanandrntttlocal111nd othertourielil

The mu1eum1 and gall en .. hard ]y nttdtobernentioned. Art con noi-u111cuu\d1pendday11vit'Wlnlf the KJ"f'at m1111terp11ce. and nt'ver .._.., them all. The impreuioni11tiC' trea11urHofthecrowdedandover heatedJuedePaumeha>'efinelly founda1u1t.ablehomeintheexqui 1iteMu11ttdeOrsayacrouthen

Thefabulouaarchitecture11diffi culttomi1111.andthee\'enmurefabu lou11foodmaybeoutofyuurprice range,butyoumightneverhave ht'ardofthefaacinatingboattourof thePariAiansewers,or11tumbleup-on the Rue St. Denia where the hooken1plytheirtrade.Leavingthe main11trttt11behindandwandering thealley1andreaidt'ntialneighbor huO1h Powtrl at the offices of Forhtti Mal(azme, rt!'-eulted in thepubli1herhim11elfde-nounong an article in tht mags zine that downplayed thl' &e\erity of the AIDS crii;1.11 in America

About 50 protetolt'Tll. we>'mg placardl! andchantinl(. t:l"t'ated a picket line in fnmtoftheofftce11re-Cf'ntly. They weft' prulffltm(t en article entitled "'Strail(ht Tallr. About AIDS." which appeared in the June :ll:i iAue of Forbew, the busine11ama6j:ezine. Thearticleia an interview with author Michael Fumento, whOtJe upcoming book

The Myth of Heteru&exual AllJS statefl that heteroaexuela need not worry abut contracting the di ease and that new infection among homoaexuals ha>'e dropped. In addition. ~umento states that projection about riew cases worldwide are"worthl{'tl1" and "garbage"'

"This article i.11 irre11ponsible journali.11monthepartofForbea:' said Andrew Velez, ACT I.JP mtm beranddemonstretionor1anizer , ~It play11 into the rt'acuonary , fean1 and wishes of b1guta that AIDS ill a diseW1e that belong to peopleoutaideofwhitt,hetenlllt'X


Activislll dl"f:'\0- a large lunch time crowd with their demun .. tra lion. Pleym11 on thl' 11logen of Forbea.whichcallailbelf'"thecep. italistt.ool.~ectiv1stacarriedMmall 1hoel1 and chanted. The shovel ia a cepit&li>!t toul; how many AIDS graves will Forbew di1c'."" Some sign read. ' Malcolm. at leastgetyourfectaetrail(h("rt-fer ring l.opubli.11her Makulm Forbee, known for attendinlf AIDS fundraiseTB with clot!e frit'nd ~:Jiz. abethTaylor.

After awhile, a small grnup from ACT t:P wa11 in\'ited inside to meet with Forbes. Tht-y de-manded that ACT l'.P be offered 1paceinthenextiHU{'forarrbut-tal to Jnt-elll('you can alwaya find a comtr 11'1 a wann cafeend11ptheeflt'munnaway.ur 1nug11:le up in a hott'l room But alone.forl(et11 bytht'endofwm terordurinl(eparttet1larlydreary aummer wttk it"1 hard to find a friendly f