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F. Wednesday, January 30, 2013 7:00 p.m. J.M. Lunsford Middle School Auditorium. Freedom High School Rising Freshman Parent Night. CLASS OF 2017!. WELCOME TO FREEDOM!!!. Your feedback is important. INDEX CARDS EXIT SURVEY. Mr. Doug Fulton Principal Freedom High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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FFreedom High School Rising Freshman Parent Night Wednesday, January 30, 20137:00 p.m.J.M. Lunsford Middle School Auditorium


Your feedback is important

INDEX CARDSEXIT SURVEYIntroducing some FHS LEAD EAGLESMr. Doug FultonPrincipalFreedom High

Mr. Fred LeMaster9th Grade Assistant Principalwilliam.lemaster@lcps.orgDr. Michelle LuttrellAssistant Principal - Special Education and 504 Plan Contact

introductionsKen Christopher, Director of GuidanceCounselors:Mrs. Kirsten HeffernanMrs. Cristi GoldbergMs Colleen HurleyMrs. Ann BarrettDr. Carly Fuhrman (& Bailey)

School counselorsWhat we doAcademic, Personal/Emotional, and CareerClassroom GuidanceIndividual Student PlanningResponsive ServicesSystem Support

We work directly with students, but collaborate withParentsTeachersAdministratorsCommunity

AGENDA FOR TONIGHTGraduation RequirementsClass Options take the most difficult classes that you can take, yet still have a lifeEXPUNGING GRADES August 15, DEADLINEElectives take what interests you. Not what friends might take. Get involved early!!Preparing for college; Preparing for AP Classes

7High School Diploma Options

8High School Diploma OptionsIn Virginia, diploma options available to all students beginning with the Class of 2015:Advanced Studies Diploma 26 Credits/9 Verified CreditsStandard Diploma22 Credits/6 Verified Credits

9Credit = pass the classVerified credit = pass the class and the SOL

Full year course = 1 credit Half year course = .5 creditDiscipline AreaCreditsVerified CreditsDiscipline AreaCreditsVerified CreditsEnglish42English42Mathematics42Mathematics31Laboratory Science42Laboratory Science31History and Social Science42History and Social Science31World Languages3World Languages0Health and Physical Ed.2Health and Physical Ed.2Electives3Electives4Student Selected SOL TEST1Student SelectedSOL TEST1Economics & Personal Finance1Economics & Personal Finance

1Fine Arts or Career & Technical1Fine Arts or Career & Technical*MUST PASS CTE CERTIFICATION*2Total269Total

226Advanced DiplomaStandard DiplomaDiploma changes for rising 9th gradersCTE Certification Online course requirement hmmmwhat classes do I sign up for next year?

13Block scheduling Sample scheduleA DayB Day1 English 9/H 5 World History I/A2 Health/PE 96 Eagles Connect3 Algebra I7 German I4 Drama 18 Earth Science/A14

Keep in mindThink about your students interests & abilitiesConsider academic strengths and weaknessesReview previous grades, test scores, reading levelConsider interestsConsider work ethic15English, Social SCIENCE, & Science options:All courses are offered at two levels:AcademicHonors or Pre-AP Strongly consider teacher and counselor recommendations16Biology/Honors in Grade 9A small number of 9th grade students elect to take Biology/Honors instead of Earth Science. This course requires the completion of a substantial Independent Science Research project. This project is started in Honors Earth Science, so students who skip Earth Science must be prepared to complete extensive summer work to be ready for the demands of the Honors Biology class.FOR STUDENTS WHO EAT, BREATHE, & SLEEP SCIENCE

17Math in Grade 9

18WORLD LANGUAGES & CULTURES19Health/Physical EducationStudents must complete two years of Health, Family Life, and Physical Education. These courses are normally completed in grades 9 and 10.The Drivers Education curriculum is taught as a part of Health/PE 10.

20Room for one elective!

Other Things You Need to Know Expunging high school credits and grades taken in middle school

22Expunging high school classes from middle school yearsStudents entering the ninth grade for the first time have a one-time chance to remove high school classes/credits that are earned in middle school.Students/parents will be given a form later this year by the middle school to complete if they want to take advantage of this opportunity. Form must be returned no later than August 15, 2013. Once high school begins, this opportunity ends.23Colleges What do I need to get in??


How to get inStrong academic recordChallenging courses appropriate for their abilities all four yearsFour years of core classesSolid standardized test performance (SAT and/or ACT)Extracurricular, Athletic, and Community InvolvementWell Rounded STUDENTSQuality vs. Quantity

25College Sounds great in four years, BUTwhat can I do as a freshman??

26There are many options to get involved!Drama ClubJapanese Manga &Anime ClubFuture Educators of America (FEA)Art ClubFuture Business Leaders of America (FBLA)HOPE ClubLeo ClubPeace & Justice ClubStep TeamLatin ClubChinese Student Association Marching BandAcademic TeamColor GuardUNITE CLUBJazz EnsembleFellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Dance TeamSOAR ClubBiotechnology Club

Extracurricular InvolvementTheres something for everyone!Choral GroupsEnvironmental ClubKnitting ClubModel UNThespian SocietyFrench ClubDECAMulticultural ClubArt & Literary Magazine ClubSpanish ClubDebate TeamChess ClubMuslim Student AssociationNewspaperFCCLAStudent Council Association (SCA)German ClubTechnology Student Association Reading Club

28Athletic InvolvementFallWinterSpringFootballBasketballBaseballGolfWrestlingSoftballCross-CountrySwimmingSoccerVolleyballGymnasticsLacrosseCheerleadingCheerleadingTennisTrack & Field

29Is that all I need to know?

30CLARITYEncourage your student to contact teachersTeach your student how to advocateIf you have a question, communicate with the teacher

EFFECTIVE Teacher CommunicationStudying is not just doing homeworkMusic? SoftTV? NOConducive studying environmentComputer in open area, not bedroomTeach resilienceBad grade does not mean schedule change

Learning, attitude, and success (not grades)Other students in classUpperclassmenTeacherCounselorAdministrators


Know the resources

Call the other parentInvite friends to your houseStay involved in schoolVolunteer good for you; good for us; good for studentsCaution:Parties do occurDo not contribute - you are liableDrugs know the signsGood Great kids make mistakesSocial LifeFreedom High School Counselor Middle school visitsFeb. 5-6: Lunsford Middle SchoolMore visits to comeHigh School Student to Student Q & AFebruary 12FRESHMAN EXPOApril 10Athletic Department TBDFine Arts TBD

35Anyone feeling overwhelmed?

Everything will be okay.

We are here to help you.

You will have four years to become an expert on all of this information ---and more. 36Before you know it.

Congrats!!Class of 2017!



Grade & SOL 2012-2013

Current Math Course in Grade 8


Algebra I


Algebra 2

Algebra 2/Trig

A or B ANDPassed SOLAlgebra I

GeometryAlgebra 2orAlg. II/Trig Hon. (if As in both maths)Advanced Alg./Precalc.Mathematical Analysis

C or DORFailed SOLAlgebra 1Expunge MS courseAlgebra IorFunctions Alg., & Data Anal.Expunge MS courseGeometryorFunctions Alg., & Data Anal.Expunge MS courseAlgebra 2orAdvancedFunctions and ModelingExpunge MS course Algebra 2orAdvanced Algebra/Precalc.