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    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity


    Brochure 2016-2017

    HELP US TO THE CHILD ( (foundation for literacy & child empowerment)


    Registered under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860

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    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity

    About The Organization:

    Help Us to Help the Child is a non-profit organization working passionately to provide

    education to unprivileged section of society. It is a Social Welfare Association founded in

    February 2012 by Mr. Shwet Prakash Srivastava , now an alumnus of ABES

    Engineering College, for imparting education to the children in slum areas, who do not

    have means to go to school.

    In this course of time, students from different colleges have come forward and taken

    initiatives to make their contributions to the society. Accordi ngly, the young and

    enthusiastic team has been working very hard for the education of the ch ildren in the

    slums for more than four years now and thus educating over 400 children of slums.

    The organization got registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860, in June 2013 and is working

    under the motto of, Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity.


    We are committed of empowering the lesser-privileged children by providing comprehensive education

    to them and supporting them in developing sound personality in them and a better person. Together we

    can develop healthy and educated society.

    Mission: Our mission is to ensure that every child in Ghaziabad has an access to education in the next five years.

    We are very positive to achieve this in the next five years by associating professionals and students from

    colleges in NCR regions, who have passion to make India 100% literate in some years.


    Conduction of various Awareness program.

    Various Donation Drives (like Cloths, Books & Stationeries, Food and Blood etc.)

    Enhance the personality of economically deprived children.

    Inspire children to have a better future and sound personality.

    Provide an opportunity for youth to be socially responsible and use their knowledge

    and skills for the betterment of their society.

    Programmes run by HUHC:


    HUHC is working for Child Literacy for over five years now since its inception in Feb 2012. We have

    been dedicatedly working in ensuring education to children in slums. We have so far achieved in

    awakening the people in slums about the importance of literacy and the result is very positive. They have

    now started sending their children to govt. run schools and some have even admitted their kids in nearby

    private schools with our help. Our team is continuously guarding and guiding them for their bright


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    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity

    HUHC is working in the field of empowering children in slums through the Inclusive Tri- Educational Model (ITEM).


    1. Literacy Center 1 at Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad:

    We started our campaign from Pratap Vihar Center and we found it a very challenging situation,

    as no child had access to education except a few who were only registered in govt. schools.

    After four years of HUHC service, most of the children in the area are getting education. Our

    volunteers mentor them and guide them in shaping their future brighter.

    2. Literacy Center 2 at Samrat Chowk, Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad:

    Like our previous successful attempt, we started our second Literacy Center in Samrat Chowk in

    the year 2013. The situation was similar to the first one and what we concluded that it is the same

    for all the slums and that led to the idea of opening our own school.

    3. Literacy Center 3 at Saveri, Greater Noida:

    We started this Center in Feb 2015.

    4. Literacy Center 4 at Maharana Vihar:

    We started this Centre in May, 2015.

    5. Literacy Center 4 at Saviour, Ghaziabad:

    We started this Centre in January, 2016.


    a) Workshop on importance of education. b) Street plays c) Cleanliness program d) Celebration of all the national and religious festivals. e) Dramatics workshop for students enrolled.

    1. Literacy Centers: The first mode helps us in reaching to the area where there is lack of education. We design a routine and our volunteers visit to the camps and teach them regularly.

    2. A school of Hope, Kiran Shiksha Sansthan-KSS: kids, who are nearby ABES engineering College are admitted to the school via a basic entrance test so as to get an idea of how much a student knows and who we believe can do even better with proper support and guidance. Here these kids are taught in an environment very similar to a school.

    3. Private Schools: Students from KSS and centers, who do exceptionally good under our supervision and need even more exposure to excel, are admitted to private schools under our scholarship programmes.

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    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity


    HUHC Child Sponsorship Programme is another initiative of HUHC, which is another mode of our

    organization to provide education to children. Under the HCSP, we are admitting bright children of our

    literacy centers to Private Schools in which organization arranges all the educational expenses of the

    child along with the support of noble donors who have adopted the childs education.


    HUHC has started this programme to spread the awareness regarding education of unprivileged children

    to a wider range in our country. Hence we have our presence in six states and six cities all across the

    country by starting an Internship Programme under the CAP.

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    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity



    We are offering free education and all study materials to the slum children at our Center. Our main

    focus is to teach those children who cannot afford schooling and are deprived of their basic human



    a) By selling handmade decorative items and cards

    b) Organizing charity events.

    c) Donation boxes at public places.

    d) Faculty and members of college.

    e) Collecting clothes from hostels and housing societies.

    f) Donations from outsiders are also well appreciated


    "We find lots of appreciation and foremost one is that children take great interest in study.

    Some of them are very good at studies. We love the smile on their faces when they do something

    which they think they could not do. Their glittering eyes and questioning minds move us to do

    things better.


    To make any change in the society, we have to face some challenges. If one wants to turn the

    tide; we have to be patient, deterministic, and competent and most importantly is to deal with a

    pragmatic approach.

    Some of the difficulties that we face:

    Convincing the parents to send their children to our literacy Center.

    Making children learn things from the scratch.

    Slow work force (as members are mainly students).

    Meager resources and insufficient Funds.

    Management of time

  • Website: Facebook: E-mail:

    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity

  • Website: Facebook: E-mail:

    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity

  • Website: Facebook: E-mail:

    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity

  • Website: Facebook: E-mail:

    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity

  • Website: Facebook: E-mail:

    Every child we encounter is a divine opportunity


    Many of students from our different Literacy Centers and evening school, Kiran Shiksha

    Sansthan (KSS) are getting proper education in private schools.

    Every year HUHC provides scholarships to meritorious but poor children and admit them to

    good private schools to help them build a better future. These scholarships are given under our

    ambitious program, HUHC-Child Sponsorship Program (HCSP) under which noble donors

    sponsor the annual expense


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