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  • Forus Industri AS - A vocational rehabilitation enterprise

  • Forus Industri AS in numbers Located in Stavanger the oil capital of Norway Established in 1963 Owns about 6000 square meters of production and office space, as well as 23 500 square meters of land Made up of 8 divisionsTotal budget of about 60 mill. kroner Vocational rehabilitation represents 15-20 % of total income 40 regular employees 60 on labour market measures

  • Forus Industri AS - Business areas

  • Scientia - division for vocational rehabilitationWhere your experience, competence and opportunities meet- quote from Scientia`s vision.

  • Scientia- what we offer

    Vocational assessmentVocational rehabilitation12-week clarification course24-month program for qualifying to regular work

  • Focus 2007/08Implementation of EquassHow to best empower participants who are in the process of vocational rehabilitationHow to offer a holistic approach using multidisciplinary tools

  • Why Scientia have an international perspective

    The prospect of a broader HORIZON!

    The desire to CONNECT, LEARN and IMPROVE


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