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The Journal of the Irish Order of Thelema Issue Theme: Omens and Augaries~The Thoth Tarot In Relation To The Work of The Order by fr, Ildanach~ Divination - A Naturalistic Approach by IAO 131~ An Invocation of Ogma by John-Paul Patton~ Summers Day by Sr. Pneuma~ News and Things Gone By~ Things Coming UpArt, Poetry and more...


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    Fortified Island is an organ of speech for The Irish Order of Thelema, featuring material from friends, community members and initiates of our Order on Thelema, the Western mystery tradition and native traditions of Ireland. As a community organ we actively seek submissions. Published twice yearly, the next issue is at the vernal equinox (21st March), and submissions should be in by the 1st March. The next issue is a themed issue. We welcome submissions on Social and Political Thelema. Submissions to:

    Cover (Compiled by S P Flanigan)......1 Contents.....2 Editorial.........3 The Thoth Tarot In Relation To The Work Of The Order Frater Ildanach...4 Divination: A Naturalistic Approach Frater IAO131.......10 An Invocation of Ogma (from The Poets Ogam by J P Patton)....16 Things Gone By (past events)...19 Things Coming Up (future events)...22 Summer Day (An Intuitive Reading) Soror Pneuma........26 Poetry....................................................................29



  • #2: Autumn Equinox 2013 ev Fortified Island Journal Of The Irish Order Of Thelema

    Editorial Occult or Social Order?

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

    This may surprise people, but when we look at ourselves we, as a collective, do not consider ourselves to be an occult Order. We are a socio-political Order which happens to also have some members who are also interested in the occult. This issue of the journal is noticeably esoteric, dealing as it does with the dubious science of divination. Still, this work is an expression of the work of individual members. We also have members whose will is community oriented and their work involves networking, community building and setting our Community on a solid interpersonal footing. We have members who express their unique will through the creation of music, the writing of books, the raising of children and lots of other areas.

    Thelema has been linked to the occult for a long time because its originator, Aleister Crowley, was an occultist. While the tools of occultism may or may not be useful to the individual Thelemite, we uphold that the law is for all. Underneath the veneer of grafted-on occultism, the law of thelema is a social and political law which has the power to transform us as individuals, and through the people we touch in our lives, also the wider world.

    Thelema and its no nonsense values of ethical individualism and libertarianism, and its call for people to stand up against tyranny and superstition has a deeply resonating relevance for modern Ireland. From sectarianism to political betrayal and corruption, from large scale multinationals to all-encompassing consumer culture, the Irish people are raising their voices in dissent at what is perceived as forces of superstition, tyranny, and subjugation.

    We are active and present in this resistance as ethical individuals following our own individual paths. Where these paths lead are individual. Perhaps one should ask why have an Order at all if people have their own paths (and even the world of the occult is not a single unifying factor)? Think of us like a trade union for freedom seeking individuals. Yes, of course a single worker can raise their voice in dissent against the factory, but one man is easily silenced, quenched or even squashed. A union of people represents the interests of those under its umbrella, its members, but it also represents the interests of those who might agree with their overall aims and join with them in the future. The work of the Order is in this sense political. It is also deeply social.

    Groups who come together in freedom out of a mutual interest in freedom are large and complex, but within these groups there can form cells of activity, also founded in the spirit of freedom, but specializing in an expression of the intersections of several peoples paths and interests. This might be music, or seasonal celebration, or occult technologies, or art, or naturism, or a million other things. In all of this socio political diversity it is hard to imagine any cohesive force. Deeply embedded in the Order are the principles of tolerance, respect of diversity and love of community. The tolerant society built on thelemic values has the potential to encompass all of these because of the recognition of the individual as paramount, and the principle of respecting the right of others to do what thou wilt. So, in conclusion we are a socio political Order with many branches of expression, including, but not exclusive to, occult technologies.

    Frater Docet Umbra 13th September 2013 e.v.


  • #2: Autumn Equinox 2013 ev Fortified Island Journal Of The Irish Order Of Thelema

    The Thoth Tarot In Relation To The Work Of The Irish Order Of Thelema

    Frater Ildanach

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


    The Thoth Tarot is an excellent resource for any initiate of the Order, and the following

    paper is intended to provide some food for thought and act as a catalyst for further research and application. Basics

    The Thoth tarot can appear (with some

    justification) incredibly complex, however by reducing the deck into its simple components it is relatively straight forward to gain a basic comprehension of the individual cards and their interaction.

    Here are a few ideas which I used in my early study of the tarot;

    Break the tarot into its basic elements These are

    ~ The Five elements earth, air, water, fire, spirit., probably the best, and simplest place to start, and will give you a very rough idea of the four suits, the trumps or major arcana all relate to spirit. ~ The Seven Traditional Planets Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn - any half decent book on astrology will give you more than enough to go on ~ The twelve signs of the Zodiac -Back to the Astrology book again! ~ The Ten decimal Numbers Relating to the sephiroth on the tree of Life ~ The 22 paths based on the correspondence of the Hebrew alphabet and the paths of the tree of Life. Approaching these last two

    is a whole lot simpler once you have an idea of the elements/ planets/Zodiac. Time to dig out the Book of Thoth.!

    That way you end up with 56 basic

    ideas, (well Nuit does call the Tarot my book.. in Liber AL!) which combine and

    interact throughout the tarot. They also work to shed light on each other The basic idea of each of the elements, planets and signs of the Zodiac reappear and are expanded in the 22 paths. The planets and elements also shed light on the ten numbers of the minor arcana.

    Get a very basic idea of each of these even if it is only 3 or 4 keywords

    Ie . Earth material matters, grounding, solidity.

    Mars active male energy, Conflict, labour

    Virgo Systematic, creative, critical. The number 7 The sphere of Venus,

    masculine type of female energy, imbalanced towards mercy.

    The path of the tower The planet Mars, connects Mercury and Venus, catastrophe. Etc., etc.

    How to go about this comes down to

    the individual in the past I have set myself a routine and spent a definite amount of time studying for say 2 hours


  • #2: Autumn Equinox 2013 ev Fortified Island Journal Of The Irish Order Of Thelema

    every Sunday for a few months. This can be a good idea if you are totally green on the whole subject, in my experience grandiose commitments to study one card every day for months on end tend to work well for the first fortnight and then fizzle out but maybe that is just me!

    Long term a more useful way is to keep your cards handy, and pick them up every time you have the chance; when youre waiting for a film to come on telly or have ten minutes before you have to go pick up the kids from school. Just become familiar with the cards the titles the colours the vibe or energy you get from it, see which cards you like and which you tend to avoid they are most likely to be the ones you have most to learn from.

    Another thing I found very- useful was to spend some time in bed before I went to sleep, mentally picturing the cards, starting with the ten of Disks (wealth) and working the whole way through to Atu 0 The Fool. If you hit a blank or cant remember an image or name, just look up the card the next day.

    I started off with the image and name of the card, and when I had that memorised pretty well added in some of the basic correspondence. This is one of the most useful exercises I have done in learning the cards and internalising them, which can come in handy on those days when you have left your cards sitting on the mantelpiece at home.

    One thing that will become apparent very quickly if you do start doing this, is how the basic components perpetually interweave throughout the cards, and each new thing you learn sheds light on everything else. You will also see how the basic ideas combine and interact to create increasingly more complex and specific ideas, in the same way that an artist can take a brush, the 3 primary colours, black and white and a piece of canvas and end up with the Mona Lisa.

    To put this in an Order context the

    above is a very useful step on the path of know thyself as well as providing you with the basis in a very useful war engine which can be applied to the collective work of the Order. How this can be done will come in due