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Football is the most popular sport in the world, regardless of race or social class, or age, to enjoy it. Some play professionally, other hobby. And others enjoy watching it on television or in the stadium. The passion of football is all over our planet , every child in every country plays football dreaming someday be like their idols those who see on their screens , see in this sport the opportunity to be great , to get out of this misery in which they are , because today football gives this opportunity when you have talent. In any court in the world is either dirt or grass when playing, when they put a goal, everyone feels great, because football is played where it generates passion playFootball is one of the most practiced worldwide, both popular level and professional level sports. But the history of football, far from being always linked to the greatness of a popular sport, has been subject to transformations in the history of humanity and adapting to each culture up to become what we know today as football.One of the most popular sports in the world is the sport; through it the cultures of the peoples are known and people provides a lot of fun and entertainment. It has existed since ancient times and many thanks to this has been done many championships to high levels, which has generated work, joys, sorrows and development in general.Football is a sport in which eleven players and four referees, who are serving a regulation, is played on a rectangular grass field, on each side there is a goal the modern game was created in England after the formation of the Football Association, involved whose 1863 rules are the basis of sport today. Football's governing body is the Federation Internationally de Football Association, known by its acronym FIFA. The international competition is the most prestigious soccer World Cup, organized every four years by the agency. This event is the most famous and largest number of viewers worldwide, doubling the audience of the Olympics.The first British codes that gave rise to football association were characterized by their little organization and extreme violence. However, there were also other less violent and better organized codes: perhaps one of the best known was the Florentine calcium, very popular team sport in Italy that had incidence in the codes of some British schools. The final formation of the Football Association had its moment team sport in Italy that had incidence in the codes of some British schools. The final formation of the Football Association had its moment.Team sport practiced by two sets of eleven players each. It is the most played in the world and also the most popular among the spectators, with track of millions of fans.All you need to play is a ball and two goals that can be dialed on the floor with chalk or lime; and for those who want it and can afford it, sports clothing such as shirts, shorts, socks and football boots. You can play even with bare feet. This simplicity is the reason for the popularity of the game. Football is the most popular sports in the world, what is the passion for football? When answering, the answer is not another word comes to mind that passion for the respect of the fans, the shirt, shield and ball. Not everyone is born with the feeling that many has come to us from childhood, without fear to say you can say that is brought into the blood. It is the sport that for many is the best thing that could have happened; this may be just for fun but also teach the importance of team play from small, to defend the jersey. The proud feeling when you can feel, cry and share with your friends or your love the thrill of scoring a goal.Although in recent years the sport has been tarnished by bad players who do not care shirt, coat or your hobby more than the money they me that is football?Occasionally people say to me, "Do not be so is just football, it is time wasted by just football." They do not understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the hours involved for "just football." Some of my proudest moments were made with "just football." They have many hours passed and my only company was "football", some of my saddest moments have been brought about by football, and in those days of darkness the gentle touch of the ball gave me comfort, and my reason to overcome the day in, too, I think it's just football. Because "football only" get up early. So for me and folks like me, is not "just football" is a set of all the dreams of my life, memories of the past and the joys of the moment. I hope someday you can understand that for me is not "just football." So the next time you listen to say the phrase "football is only" just smile because they "just do not understand". Football is one of the few things that change your mind from one minute to another, you can move from sadness to joy all this in just 90 minutes. It's a feeling you can not explain many days I wonder what my life would be without football and you can not find a logical answer, just not be the same I would need a basic part in my life. It is easy for people who do not feel the colors of a mean team is just a sport but you can say that football is the most important thing in the less important things, this is how every week that your team plays whatever party, even if the minimal importance and living there you are supporting him every minute of the game as if you were up that win or lose. I think many people would agree with me if I say that football has given me the greatest joys and the worst sadness I've had in my life, it is a feeling that although they say that man is invented can be incalculable what you get to feel for your team. The joy you feel when you win a drink or sadness that fills you when your team has a bad season or is eliminated. Football is a sport that is played throughout the world do not need a stadium to be carried out but as simple as 2 stones that simulate the goal and a ball make happy children, youth and adults in every corner of the world, it is a feeling that unites us with others, the love you feel for your team and the sport share it with thousands of people around the world, watch a game with someone you do not know but that is the same team that you, It makes you feel like you know that person life. Football makes people forget all their problems at the moment the ball starts to roll your mind forgets everything and you just concentrate on the game being live. After all this we can say that for many people and me, football is not just a sport, IS A LIFESTYLE.For me it is a relationship between a club, a hobby, 11 players and 90 minutes. 45000 looks without losing detail in a ball. Many die to see, even a little, this show. I you could talk about intense sports like basketball, tennis or baseball, but you can not deny me that football is the sport in which more you suffer. People eat nails while lamenting going after each 'oops'. "As none metamos not going to win with a goal in a counter," says an embittered boy while grandparents spend a short time with his grandson. 'Goooooooooooooooooooool' football.And, many people say it is a boring sport. 'What's so funny to see 22 players fighting over a ball as wild by putting the ball between three sticks?' That's not football, my friend. That's rugby. Football is passion. Football is emotion. Football is joy and tears. In football you the adrenaline. You're losing 1-0 and your team scores 2 goals in 3 minutes. People overflows. In older people raises the pulse and young jumping while chanting the names of their idols. Then comes the final whistle. Players start to jump into the center circle, hotheads. Stadium lights go out and begin to name each player, one by one. Saltan fireworks. Happiness. We have won the league.It seems that players are going to a funeral. One by one, go to the locker room, putting on his uniform, without losing detail of the tactics that has explained the coach. One by one, go through the corridor, unable to avoid crossing with the opponent, who, full of confidence, think this game will be a cinch. Players jump and notice the breath of the stands and the smell of lime. The grass is wet and squishy, a perfect setting for an event like this. The European Cup is there. You do not see? It is allowed to dream. Although a team is superior to another, you can always achieve the impossible. David defeated Goliath. And maybe Goliath to David many others. But what happened how long these battles? Certainly not in 90 minutes. This is football.


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