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  • Upcoming EPC Projects & Contracts in India, 2016 (An Exclusive Track of Tender Details of Upcoming EPC Projects in Thermal Power Segment, Renewable Sector , Metal & Mineral Mining , Roads-Highways & Flyovers , Bridges & Tunnels, Rail , Metro Rail & Freight Corridors , Ports , Airports , Other Transportation & Logistic Facets)

    E-REP Data Factor Series

    May 2016

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  • Research Case

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    Upcoming EPC Contracts in India , 2016 | 2

    Investment expected

    in the Indian infra

    facet by 2020

    US$ 465 Trillion

    With infrastructure investment in India all set to go up, demand

    for EPC services will increase further

    Given, the testimony of past 2-3 years, the average economic growth of India hovered somewhere around 7.5% till last fiscal , which was close to 3-4% above the last estimated for FY2013. The improvements and sincere efforts of the government to make better India is not only peaking day by day but is also gradually inching high to reach the level of top economies of the globe. Since infrastructure development has always been a prime agenda for Indias growth, the practices done for its improvement in the recent past are enough evidences for the same. And this continuous increasing quest of achieving more on the infra front has widened the opportunity road for all value chain players not only within the segment but in the entire EPC space. With infrastructure investments soaring high in the country, demand for EPC services is bound to go even more high.

    Exhibit 01: Planned Investment & EPC Opportunity for Key Infrastructure Sectors During 12th FYP

    Source: Planning Commission , enincon research & estimations






    0 5000 10000 15000 20000


    Roads & Bridges




    Budgetary Allocations in INR Billion

    EPC Opportunity Share

    Budgetary Allocations

    45-55% Total EPC




    It is pertinent to note that the EPC sector in India is expected to generate opportunities worth INR 17 Trillion by the end 12th FYP. The sector is likely to attract massive investment tunes not only from the domestic industry stalwarts but from the global majors too. It is noteworthy , of the total planned cash flows into the Indian infrastructure sector , about 45-55% of it shall be pooled in via engineering , procurement and construction activities., resulting into high revenues for the associated value chain players.

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    Investment expected

    in the Indian infra

    facet by 2020

    US$ 465 Trillion

    Research Base

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    US$ 30 Billion

    Upcoming EPC Contracts in India , 2016 | 3

    Market size of Indian EPC industry is likely to hover somewhere around USD 150-

    200 Billion in upcoming five years

    Chasing the infrastructural growth targets in the country Above 9% growth projected for the Indian construction

    industry by the end this fiscal. Massive Budgetary allocations of above INR 2,00,000

    crores in the roads , rail and other infra facets for FY2016-17

    Heavy private participation pumping good tune of investments into the Indian EPC space

    Key Drivers for the growth of EPC Market in India FY2016-17 .

    Exhibit 02: Opportunity Pie for the Value Chain Players in the Indian EPC Market Space by FY2019-20

    Source: enincon Research


    23% 21%


    9% 4%

    Project Developer

    Project Financing Agency

    Project Contractor

    OEM Supplier

    Raw material suppliers



    Estimated revenue,

    dedicated only to

    the construction

    industry by 2020

    Across the infra & industrial sectors covering the roads, rail , power , logistics, metals & mining etc. the construction activities are observed to be in full swing. Additionally, facilitating the people with better living standards and basic infra amenities , huge construction activities are in line under urban development.

    It is pertinent to note that the roads and highway segment on standalone basis is rolling in an investment tune of INR 2.18 lakh crores and that too only for FY2016-17. Of which close to INR 1.3 lakh crores directly comes into the construction kitty. Further, construction of about twenty new industrial corridors have been planned for the Bengaluru-Mumbai and Vizag- Chennai economic corridor roping an investment to the tune of USD 15-20 Billion by FY2020. Not only for the project developers, the current boom witnessed in the construction & the entire EPC space provides an equality competitive and robust environment to the original equipment manufacturers/ suppliers as well. It is significant to note that the construction equipment industrys revenue is estimated to reach USD 22.7 by FY2020. Taking cognizance of the underlying behemoth opportunity tune , enincon consulting llp attempts to provide a competitive project track with exclusive tender details for upcoming EPC contracts in India.

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    Upcoming EPC Contracts in India , 2016 | 4

  • Upcoming EPC Contacts in India, 2016 | 5

    Research Objective & Results

    Upcoming EPC Contracts in India, 2016: Offers a path finding guide to edge passed competition through a detailed tender track for almost all the upcoming EPC projects in India in

    key infra segments, along with validated project information. The report encompasses the investment

    opportunity and beautifully unwinds them for all stakeholders to enhance their respective business portfolio.



    ch O






    ch R



    1. Tracking the upcoming investment opportunity in the Indian EPC space

    2. To provide an birds eye view to all possible stake holders about the upcoming market happenings in the Indian EPC domain

    3. To unwind the business opportunity for all possible value chain players in the EPC segment

    1. To track the upcoming EPC projects in India in key infra segments

    2. A track of close to 1000+ projects

    3. An exclusive track of tender details for all such projects

    4. Providing the contact details of the project contractors

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    Data Factor Report

    Series- Extensive

    primary research basis

    latest developments & a

    value proposition for the

    stake holders in

    enhancing their business


    Upcoming EPC Contracts in India , 2016 | 5

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    Identifying eccentric


    Opportunities for equipment manufacturers

    Competition Track

    Opportunity Track

    Tender Details

    Market Size

    What would be the opportunity tune for

    enhancing the business portfolios for stake holders?

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    Almost all possible details of the tender

    issued for a project. Information guide for queries such as tender value, tender type, tender category , participating players etc shall be provided.

    Estimating the true

    market potential for making investments into the segment

    A closely knitted competition

    track for the projects already allocated

    Trace of dedicated sector type, investment tune, services offered etc by the competitors

    ENINCON Research reports

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    insights & future


    Upcoming EPC Contracts in India , 2016 | 6


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