finnish santa claus by eveliina. santa claus santa claus lives with mrs. claus and reindeer in...

Download Finnish Santa Claus By Eveliina. Santa Claus Santa Claus lives with Mrs. Claus and reindeer in Korvatunturi in Rovaniemi. He comes to give presents to

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Finnish Santa Claus

Finnish Santa ClausBy EveliinaSanta ClausSanta Claus lives with Mrs. Claus and reindeer in Korvatunturi in Rovaniemi.He comes to give presents to kind children on the 24th of December.Children also send letters to Santa before Christmas to let him know what they want for Christmas.His helpers Santas elves spy on children the whole year and give information about them to Santa Claus so he can decide does he give any presents if the children are naughty.Santa Claus is hundreds of years old.He uses a sleigh led by the reindeer.

24th DecemberEverybody in Finland is always excited to see Santa on the 24th December.He comes to knock the door and asks if there are any kind children. Then he goes to living room and the children sing to him.He comes often when people had eaten Christmas meal and are ready to open presents.

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