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  1. 1. RESEARCH REPORT WHO IS THE THIEF? Group Members : Ng Wyn Jane 0319440 Lee Zi Ying 0320435 Lim Yang Kang 0320538 Khoo Zer Kai 0320500 Ng Kim Wing 0319704 Muhammad Sheik Irfaan Yadun 0319353 Group/Session : Monday (9am-11am) Subject : Social Psychology Course : Foundation In Natural And Built Environment Submission Date : 8th June 2015 CONTENT PAGE
  2. 2. 1. Introduction 2 2. Acknowledgement 3 3. Method Used 4-6 a. Apparatus/Materials 4 b. Setting 4 c. Procedure 4-6 d. Participants 6 4. Discussion 7-16 a. Concepts used and definitions 7-8 b. Storyboard 9-13 c. Application of Concepts 14-18 5. References 19 6. Appendix 20-21 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION In this project, students are required to demonstrate their understanding of learning throughout the semester through these 3 components : - Social psychology conceptual video clip - A report about the concept used - Presenting the clip to the class In a group of 5 to 6, students are required to produce a video clip with consist of 5 concept applied in one storyline. The 5 concepts should come from the 10 chapters that students have learned, and students can only select 1 concepts from each chapters. All group members must appear in the video clip. Next, students are required to produce a report which shows how the concepts were used in the video clip. The report should also consists a detailed explanation of the concepts used. Lastly, students are required to prepare a slides and presentation during the submission date. Through this project, students will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of social psychology concepts through research of relevant literature and reflection. Students will develop a collaborative approach to experience sharing, organize and communicate skills. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 3
  4. 4. First, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of everybody who involved in making the final project goes smoothly. Without their efforts, patience and knowledge for undertaking this assignment, we would not able to complete this project successfully, Next, we would like to thank Mr. Shankar, our Social Psychology lecturer, for his guidance. Mr. Shankar always counsel us when we was in need. Without him, we wouldnt have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding how human behavior were all along. Mr. Shankar clears out lots of curiosity that we have about human social behavior. Lastly, we would like to thanks our own groupmates for giving effort and spend time to took part in this project. We also appreciate the help and suggestion given by our fellow coursemate even though they are not in our groups. Thanks for all the effort, time and contribution given by everyone who helped out with our project. 4
  5. 5. METHOD USED A.Apparatus/Materials: 1. Filming equipment - Camera : Sony - Tripod : To ensure the stability of camera when recording - Macbook : To record the audio of actors - Table : Videographer were to climb up and record the CCTV scene 2. Video Editing Software - Imovie - Youtube 3. Props and Costume - Students Work Set : Pencil case, note book, paper, model (paper origami), books - Lecturer Costume : Pink Former, Sneakers, Macbook - Lecturer Props : Project Brief Slides, Projector, Projector Screen - Security Guard Costume : White Former, Hair band, Tie B. Settings The 2 venue that we filmed our video is at : - Classroom Block E4.12 - Corridor of Block E Level 4 C.Procedure 1. Discussion Pre-discussion of the main theme our group are going to used. Plot out a main storyline that encompass 5 most suitable social psychology concept to be applied in our storyline. Refine the storyline and discuss about the overall picture of the final video clip, scene to be taken and a brief script for each scene. 5
  6. 6. 2. Role Delegation There are 3 components need to be produced for this assignment. Thus, we divide our group into 3 smaller group of 2 according to each members skills. First group will be in charge of the video clip, second group will take responsibility of the report and the third group would be working in the presentation slides. This is to avoid social facilitation in a group of 6, as the workload of an individual can be easily identify. As for the video clip, every members must appear in the video. So, we delegate the most suitable role according to each of our group members. The below table is our groups task delegation system: Member Overall Context Video Context Khoo Zer Kai Video and Audio Editor Security Guard Lee Zi Ying Report Writer Student (Target Type) Lim Yang Kang Videographer Lecturer Muhammad Sheik Irfaan Yadun Slides Writer Student (Stress Type) Ng Kim Wing Slides Writer Student (Lazy Type) Ng Wyn Jane Report Writer Student (Scholar Type) 3. Video Filming We record the all the scene in one day after a detailed planning of every scene to avoid wasting time and effort. The reason is to keep our focus and memory fresh in our mind which help to bring up the mood and spirits of acting. Things went smooth during our video filming as instruction given was clear and everyone knew what are they suppose to do the day before. Some of the scene we 6
  7. 7. acted out several times to get different angles and cut, so that the final outcome would look much better with different views of angle. During video filming, each members are cooperative in a way they all give out suggestion to the actor and videographer about the filming angles, filming technique and even the expression of the actor. The environment and mood during video filming is comfortable, relaxing but efficient. 4. Analysis, Tabulation and Presentation Proper analysis and research were used in making the report and slides. Google Doc were used to aid our report writing where we could see each others progress. This help a lot, saves time as we wont overlap our work and we could cross check each other work from time to time. For the presentation, we meet up and rehearsed a few time before the day of presentation to ensure the flow of speech. As a conclusion, the progress of completing this assignment is satisfying as everyone took part to accomplish the projects together. D.Participants: All group members participated in this project. DISCUSSION A.Concepts used and Definitions: For this video, 7 social psychology concepts were applied and demonstrated through the acting of each of the group members. The 7 concepts are stereotyping, group selection, perception, racism, aggression, power of persuasion and motivation. The first concept is stereotype. Stereotype is a thought of an individual is a member of certain group based on characteristics. It is also an over generalized belief 7
  8. 8. of a class of people. The characteristics involve gender, race, national origin of the person and other factors. Individuals may be group into positive stereotypes or negative stereotypes based on their characteristic. The second concept that we used is group selection. Group selection state that groups that have altruistic members tend to survive comparing to groups that only have selfish members that are unlikely to help others that in need. Altruism refers to the unselfish act done by an individual for the sake of others. Next, the third concept used is social perception. Social Perception is defined as the study of how we perceive and form impression or judgement of others through their appearance or social group. Social perception is formed through observation and understanding of existing information about an individual and drawing out conclusions from the information available. The fourth concept is racism. Racism refers to a negative view of one group of people based solely on their membership in that group. It is a specific form of prejudice, involving prejudicial attitudes or behavior towards members of an ethnic group. The definition of race is somewhat variable but commonly refers to an ethnic group originating on a specific continent. The fifth concept used is aggression. Aggression is a range of behaviours that can result in both physical and psychological harm to one, others or objects in the environment. There are several forms of aggression which includes physical, verbal, mental and emotional. Aggression also serves different purposes such as to express anger or hostility and to compete with others. The sixth concept that is used in the video is persuasion. Persuasion is a symbolic process in which communicators try to convince other people to change their attitudes or behaviors regarding an issue through the transmission of a message in an atmosphere of free choice. 8
  9. 9. Lastly, concept of motivation is used in the video. Motivation is what drives and inspire us to take action.There are two types of motivation which are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation occurs when ones taking a certain action for the sake of enjoyment while extrinsic motivation occurs when ones taking certain action in response to external pressure in order to avoid punishment or earn a specific reward. All these concepts will be demonstrated through the video. 9
  10. 10. B. Storyboard The story is about a lecturer who enters the classroom to brief the students a new group assignment. The story is divided into several scenes. SCENE 1 : Lecturer walk into the classroom Lecturer: Good morning everyone, today I want to brief you guys about the design project 1 and it is a group work project. Irfaan: Oh my god, it is just the first week and lecturer already give the project. (os) Nick: I hope I can find a good teammate so I can sit back and relax. (os) Cindy: I have to try my best to achieve the target. (os) Jane: I want to be a scholar so I can ease my parents burden. (os) Lecturer: So, this is the project brief and you guys have to form your own group. SCENE 2 : Forming group Nick: Hey, Cindy. Do you want to form a group with me? Cindy: Erm Erm Sorry Nick, I will probably form a group